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Focus on State of the Art in Diagnostics of the Acute Coronary Syndrome

Acute coronary syndrome: many doubts, some answers
Giuseppe Lippi, Gianfranco Cervellin
High-density lipoprotein cholesterol values independently and inversely predict cardiac troponin T and I concentration
Giuseppe Lippi, Claudia Lo Cascio, Giorgio Brocco, Elisa Danese, Martina Montagnana, Antonella Bassi, Beatrice Caruso, Chiara Bovo, Gian Luca Salvagno
The relationship between ABO blood group and cardiovascular disease: results from the Cardiorisk program
Enrico Capuzzo, Carlo Bonfanti, Francesco Frattini, Paolo Montorsi, Rosalia Turdo, Maria Grazia Previdi, Elisa Turrini, Massimo Franchini
Lower mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration is associated with poorer outcomes in intensive care unit admitted patients with acute myocardial infarction
Yuan-Lan Huang, Zhi-De Hu
The clinics of acute coronary syndrome
Gianfranco Cervellin, Gianni Rastelli
Genetics of the acute coronary syndrome
Massimo Franchini
Diagnostic algorithms for acute coronary syndrome—is one better than another?
Gianfranco Cervellin, Camilla Mattiuzzi, Chiara Bovo, Giuseppe Lippi
An historical approach to the diagnostic biomarkers of acute coronary syndrome
Elisa Danese, Martina Montagnana

Case Report

The worst of both worlds-combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema syndrome
Sheeba Habeeb Ba Aqeel, Abhishek Biswas, Peruvemba S. Sriram
Laparoscopic Finney pyloroplasty in the emergency setting: first case report in the literature and technical challenges
Elisabetta Moggia, Panagiotis G. Athanasopoulos, Christopher Hadjittofi, Stefano Berti
Not all right-sided hearts are the same—the importance of identifying the correct diagnosis
Faisal Mujib Siddiqui, Edmundo Raul Rubio, Vishal M. Patel, Sameh Aziz, Susanti Ie

Review Article

Osteonecrosis of the knee: review
Ammar R. Karim, Jeffrey J. Cherian, Julio J. Jauregui, Todd Pierce, Michael A. Mont

Original Article

Hyaluronan expression in primary and secondary brain tumors
Laurence Jadin, Sandra Pastorino, Rebecca Symons, Natsuko Nomura, Ping Jiang, Tiffany Juarez, Milan Makale, Santosh Kesari

Review Articles

Functional role of microvesicles in gastrointestinal malignancies
Kelly McDaniel, Robert Correa, Tianhao Zhou, Christopher Johnson, Heather Francis, Shannon Glaser, Julie Venter, Gianfranco Alpini, Fanyin Meng
Effect of high fat-diet and obesity on gastrointestinal motility
Mazen Al Mushref, Shanthi Srinivasan
The physiological roles of secretin and its receptor
Syeda Afroze, Fanyin Meng, Kendal Jensen, Kelly McDaniel, Kinan Rahal, Paolo Onori, Eugenio Gaudio, Gianfranco Alpini, Shannon S. Glaser

Highlighted Reports in Galectins

Role of galectins in re-epithelialization of wounds
Noorjahan Panjwani

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Review Article

Original Article

Case Report