Vol 7, No 10 (May 2019): Annals of Translational Medicine (Focus on “Spinal Tumor Surgery”)


Tumors of the spine and spinal cord
Matthew L. Goodwin, Daniel M. Sciubba

Original Article

Adjacent level fracture incidence in single fraction high dose spinal radiosurgery
Dennis T. Lockney, Benjamin Hopkins, Natalie A. Lockney, Christian Z. Coleman, Elena Rubin, Eric Lis, Yoshiya Yamada, Adam Schmitt, Daniel Higginson, Mark H. Bilsky, Ilya Laufer
Outcomes and cost-minimization analysis of cement spacers versus expandable cages for posterior-only reconstruction of metastatic spine corpectomies
Yusef Jordan, Jacob M. Buchowski, Mahati Mokkarala, Colleen Peters, David B. Bumpass
Malnutrition in patients who underwent surgery for spinal metastases
Anne L. Versteeg, Floris R. van Tol, A. Mechteld Lehr, F. Cumhur Oner, Jorrit-Jan Verlaan
Clinical presentation, management and outcomes of sacral metastases: a multicenter, retrospective cohort study
Raphaële Charest-Morin, Charles G. Fisher, Ann L. Versteeg, Arjun Sahgal, Peter Pal Varga, Daniel M. Sciubba, James M. Schuster, Michael H. Weber, Michelle J. Clarke, Laurence D. Rhines, Stefano Boriani, Chetan Bettegowda, Michael G. Fehlings, Paul M. Arnold, Ziya L. Gokaslan, Nicolas Dea

Review Article

Changes to the American Joint Committee on Cancer staging system for spine tumors—practice update
Peter S. Rose, Ginger E. Holt, Jeffrey S. Kneisl
Treatment, complications, and outcomes of metastatic disease of the spine: from Patchell to PROMIS
Alexander T. Yahanda, Jacob M. Buchowski, Adam M. Wegner
Cerebrospinal fluid leaks after spine tumor resection: avoidance, recognition and management
Sean M. Barber, Jared S. Fridley, Sanjay Konakondla, Jonathan Nakhla, Adetokunbo A. Oyelese, Albert E. Telfeian, Ziya L. Gokaslan
Intra- and interobserver reliability of the Spinal Instability Neoplastic Score system for instability in spine metastases: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Zach Pennington, A. Karim Ahmed, Ethan Cottrill, Erick M. Westbroek, Matthew L. Goodwin, Daniel M. Sciubba
Prognostic models for spinal metastatic disease: evolution of methodologies, limitations, and future opportunities
Aditya V. Karhade, John H. Shin, Joseph H. Schwab
Lactate and cancer: a “lactatic” perspective on spinal tumor metabolism (part 1)
Matthew L. Goodwin, Zach Pennington, Erick M. Westbroek, Ethan Cottrill, A. Karim Ahmed, Daniel M. Sciubba
Lactate and cancer: spinal metastases and potential therapeutic targets (part 2)
Zach Pennington, Matthew L. Goodwin, Erick M. Westbroek, Ethan Cottrill, A. Karim Ahmed, Daniel M. Sciubba
Molecular foundations of primary spinal tumors—implications for surgical management
Tej D. Azad, Bowen Jiang, Chetan Bettegowda
Advances in personalized treatment of metastatic spine disease
Pouyan Ahangar, Mina Aziz, Derek H. Rosenzweig, Michael H. Weber
Review of robotic-assisted surgery: what the future looks like through a spine oncology lens
Arash J. Sayari, Coralie Pardo, Bryce A. Basques, Matthew W. Colman
Systematic review on the utility of magnetic resonance imaging for operative management and follow-up for primary sarcoma—lessons from extremity sarcomas
Zach Pennington, A. Karim Ahmed, Ethan Cottrill, Erick M. Westbroek, Matthew L. Goodwin, Daniel M. Sciubba
Total en bloc resection of primary and metastatic spine tumors
Elizabeth P. Howell, Theresa Williamson, Isaac Karikari, Muhammad Abd-El-Barr, Melissa Erickson, Matthew L. Goodwin, Jeremy Reynolds, Daniel M. Sciubba, C. Rory Goodwin

Case Report

All-posterior total en bloc spondylectomy for thoracic spinal tumors
Philip K. Louie, Jannat M. Khan, Ira Miller, Matthew W. Colman
Management of presacral schwannomas—a 10-year multi-institutional series
Zach Pennington, Clemens Reinshagen, A. Karim Ahmed, Sean Barber, Matthew L. Goodwin, Ziya Gokaslan, Daniel M. Sciubba

Surgical Technique

Extracorporeal radiation and reimplantation: a safe and viable option for reconstruction after sacral tumor resection?
Matthew L. Goodwin, Manit K. Gundavda, Rajeev Reddy, Kedar Deogaonkar, Murad Lala, Amresh Baliarsing, Daniel M. Sciubba, Kevin B. Jones, Manish Agarwal