Vol 7, No 1 (January 2019): Annals of Translational Medicine

Original Article

Diagnostic performance of C-reactive protein for parapneumonic pleural effusion: a meta-analysis
Dajiang Li, Yongchun Shen, Jiangyue Qin, Chun Wan, Ni Zeng, Lei Chen, Yue Dong
Histone deacetylase 6 selective inhibitor ACY1215 inhibits cell proliferation and enhances the chemotherapeutic effect of 5-fluorouracil in HCT116 cells
Yuyong Tan, Shilan Zhang, Hongyi Zhu, Yi Chu, Hejun Zhou, Deliang Liu, Jirong Huo
Can the echocardiographic LV mass equation reliably demonstrate stable LV mass following acute change in LV load?
Kavisha Patel, Nidhish Tiwari, Wilbert S. Aronow, Daniel Spevack
Who will benefit from thymectomy for myasthenia gravis? Is there any role for this procedure in elderly patients?
Ryo Otsuka, Kazuhiro Ueda, Toshiki Tanaka, Junichi Murakami, Masataro Hayashi, Kimikazu Hamano
The profile of patients receiving public and private surgical services in Greece during the economic crisis: a comparative study
Dimitrios Schizas, Adamantios Michalinos, Prodromos Kanavidis, Georgios Karaolanis, Irene Lidoriki, Athanasios D. Sioulas, Dimitrios Moris
Behavioral defects induced by chronic social defeat stress are protected by Momordica charantia polysaccharides via attenuation of JNK3/PI3K/AKT neuroinflammatory pathway
Zhifang Deng, Cheng Yuan, Jian Yang, Yan Peng, Wei Wang, Yan Wang, Wenqi Gao
Altering cough reflex sensitivity with aerosolized capsaicin paired with behavioral cough suppression: a proof-of-concept study
Laurie J. Slovarp, Emma Bozarth
Evaluation of clinical risk factors for predicting insidious right central and posterior right recurrent laryngeal nerve lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid microcarcinoma patients (cN0): experience of a single center
Fuqiang Li, Yijun Wu, Liang Chen, Liang Hu, Xiaosun Liu
Muscle weakness in a S. pneumoniae sepsis mouse model
Esther Witteveen, Luuk Wieske, Emmy Manders, Camiel Verhamme, Coen A. C. Ottenheijm, Marcus J. Schultz, Ivo N. van Schaik, Janneke Horn

Review Article

Interpretation and clinical practice of regulation for prevention and control of healthcare associated infection in outpatient and emergency department in healthcare facilities
Wen-Sen Chen, Fu Qiao, Yue Yang, Xiao-Dong Gao, Zhan-Jie Li, Yong-Xiang Zhang, Wei-Hong Zhang, Qiang Fu, Yun Liu

Column in Laboratory Medicine

Is digital epidemiology reliable?—insight from updated cancer statistics
Giuseppe Lippi, Gianfranco Cervellin

Big-data Clinical Trial Column

Balance diagnostics after propensity score matching
Zhongheng Zhang, Hwa Jung Kim, Guillaume Lonjon, Yibing Zhu, written on behalf of AME Big-Data Clinical Trial Collaborative Group


Vascular injuries during VATS lobectomies: keep calm, compress and have a plan
Luca Bertolaccini, Francesca Calabrese, Jury Brandolini, Piergiorgio Solli
Bleeding control during VATS major lung resection without conversion: safe and feasible?
Fabrizio Minervini, Peter Bruno Kestenholz, Luca Bertolaccini, Benedetta Bedetti, Davide Patrini, Enrico Cassina, Marco Scarci
What the future holds for the primary surgical repair as treatment of a massive pressure ulcer?
Aabid Sanaullah, Mohamed H. Ahmed
Trochanteric pressure ulcers: preoperative management and reconstructive considerations
Giulia Daneshgaran, Michael N. Cooper, Jaeyon Park, Christopher G. Pimentel, Alex K. Wong
How high is your conversion rate?—as high as necessary
Ralitsa Baranowski, David A. Waller
Is the video-assisted pulmonary segmentectomy the preferred approach to the early stage non-small cell lung cancer?
Alessandro Pardolesi, Luca Bertolaccini, Ugo Pastorino
Prevention is better than cure!
Mariagrazia Lorusso, Angela De Palma, Giulia De Iaco, Giuseppe Marulli
Refining thoracoscopic left S3 segmentectomy by a unidirectional approach
Wolfgang Jungraithmayr