OCT Angiography in Glaucoma

Posted On 2020-11-09 17:21:00

Therefore the review articles published in current series cover several essential and currently under investigation research areas. The reviews are important for all clinicians dealing with glaucoma patients, researchers working on any of the chronic progressive neurodegenerative diseases one of which is glaucoma, and those engineers, mathematicians and physicists whose research involves clinical aspects.

Editorial on OCT Angiography in Glaucoma
Editorial to the OCT Angiography in Glaucoma series
Gábor Holló

Review Article on OCT Angiography in Glaucoma
Optical coherence tomography angiography in glaucoma: analysis of the vessel density—visual field sensitivity relationship
Gábor Holló

Optical coherence tomography angiography in glaucoma
Masoud Aghsaei Fard, Robert Ritch

Approaches to quantify optical coherence tomography angiography metrics
Bingyao Tan, Ralene Sim, Jacqueline Chua, Damon W. K. Wong, Xinwen Yao, Gerhard Garhöfer, Doreen Schmidl, René M. Werkmeister, Leopold Schmetterer

The focused issue “OCT angiography in glaucoma” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Translational Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Gabor Hollo is serving as the unpaid Guest Editor for the focused issue.