%ggBaseline: a SAS macro for analyzing and reporting baseline characteristics automatically in medical research

Posted On 2018-10-08 15:48:41

Demographic tables are widely used to report baseline characteristics in medical research. However, the traditional copy-paste production method is time-consuming and frequently generates typing errors. Current available statistical tools are still far away from ideal, because they are difficult to understand and they lack flexibility. A user-friendly, dynamic, and flexible tool is needed for researchers to automate the creation of demographic tables. In this paper, we introduce a SAS macro, %ggBaseline, that automatically analyzing and reporting baseline characteristics with the final production of publication-quality demographic tables. The macro provides optional parameters that allow for the full customization of desired demographic tables. Since %ggBaseline allows for the quick creation of reproducible and fully customizable tables, it can be beneficial to academics, clinical trials and medical research studies by making the presentation and formatting of results faster and more efficient.

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