Study on the path of comprehensive reform and development of the People’s Hospital of Shimian County

Xing-Gui Li, Wan-Ming Gao


The People’s Hospital of Shimian County is located in the underdeveloped agricultural county of western China with a population of 120,000. In light of the region’s geographic location and cultural characteristics, the hospital has laid out a development strategy of becoming a regional healthcare service center-in Shimian and extends services to surrounding regions. Its reform process would start with the overhaul of the personnel system to rejuvenate the hospital’s internal operation, and then move towards more comprehensive reforms on corporate governance structure and trans-regional integration of medical resources. On the basis of constructing a digital hospital, we would build an information platform to explore the ‘Shimian model’ of information-based healthcare reform through regional medical coordination and whole-sector oversight. An appropriate strategy and development roadmap, comprehensively internal and external reforms and persistent culture building, as well as the use of information technology will help put the hospital onto a track of fast and healthy development and in the right direction of healthcare reform that accords with our national circumstances. This article makes a review, summary and analysis of the process and further discusses about how to overhaul the healthcare system through reform and development.