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Sublaminar polyester bands for the correction of idiopathic and neuromuscular scoliosis

Authors: Federico Canavese, Antoine Samba


Recent literature suggests that sublaminar bands (SB) can provide good coronal plane correction, comparable to pedicle screw constructs, as well as good correction in the sagittal plane, even in patients with preoperative hypokyphosis; comparable results have been reported in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) and in patients with neuromuscular scoliosis (NMS). Two types of SB constructs can be performed: the band-only construct, indicated for non-ambulatory patients with NMS, and the hybrid construct indicted for ambulatory patients with NMS and for patients with AIS. SB are made of polyester or acrylic material and do provide a safe alternative to sublaminar Luque-type wires (stainless steel) as well as an increased contact area between SB and bone allowing higher corrective forces and reduced laminar fracture risk; the use of SB is not associated with increased risk of neurological injury nor with an increased risk of deep postoperative infection. SB used in a hybrid or in a band-only construct in patients with AIS and NMS, appear to be safe in a trained surgeon hands and can achieve well-balanced spine in both coronal and sagittal planes. This article aimed to provide a review of how SB can restore normal frontal and sagittal spine alignment in patients with AIS and NMS.

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