Article Abstract

Trochanteric pressure ulcers: preoperative management and reconstructive considerations

Authors: Giulia Daneshgaran, Michael N. Cooper, Jaeyon Park, Christopher G. Pimentel, Alex K. Wong


Tan et al. present an interesting case of a trochanteric pressure ulcer repair (1). The reconstruction utilized three local flaps to cover the defect exposed over the greater trochanter. Most of the greater trochanter was covered with a tensor fascia latae myocutaneous flap, while the inferior portion of the bone was covered with two fasciocutaneous flaps (Figure 1). The authors stressed that thorough wound debridement and dead space elimination are the most crucial components of pressure ulcer repair and we agree with this fundamental principle for successful pressure ulcer reconstruction. In this editorial we will highlight the important aspects of trochanteric pressure ulcer management and identify areas deserving of greater collective attention.