Article Abstract

Validity and reliability of patient section of evidence-based medical records about doctor-patient building through integrated therapy of traditional Chinese and Western medicine (DPEBMR-P) in patients with gastrointestinal diseases

Authors: Shuo Feng, Lingxiao Chen, Guihua Tian, Jing Hu, Yang Ding, Zhengguang Du, Hongkai Zhang, Bo Li, Yang Li


Background: We developed an evidence-based medical record for doctor-patient relationship building through an integrated therapy of traditional Chinese and Western medicine (DPEBMR) to assess the efficacy in patients with digestive system diseases. The instrument was categorized into a doctor section and a patient section. In this article, our main goal was to test the validity and reliability of the patient’s section for DPEBMR (DPEBMR-P).
Methods: One hundred patients were recruited. Doctors and patients used a predefined format to jointly record the illness. Cronbach’s α and factor analysis were used to evaluate the reliability and structure validity, respectively.
Results: Cronbach’s α of all 12 items from DPEBMR-P was 0.906, which demonstrated high reliability. The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin value was 0.811 and Bartlett’s spherical test value was 452.2 (P<0.05), which meant it was suitable for performing factor analysis. A total of 3 items were identified as factors, and each had high loading: items of mental status (0.584 to 0.833), items of therapeutic effect (0.518 to 0.797), and items of appetite (0.857 to 0.882).
Conclusions: The DPEBMR-P indicated substantial reliability and structure validity.