Article Abstract

Asian-Indians: a review of coronary artery disease in this understudied cohort in the United States

Authors: Devarshi R. Ardeshna, Tamunoinemi Bob-Manuel, Amit Nanda, Arindam Sharma, William Paul Skelton IV, Michelle Skelton, Rami N. Khouzam


Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a major cause of cardiovascular death worldwide. Prevalence of CAD is highly variable among different races. Asian Indians have been noted to have the highest CAD rates and the conventional risk factors fail to explain this difference completely. Asian Indians constitute a fifth of the global population, and the higher rates of CAD in this population constitute a major health challenge. There have been studies in the early 2000s that investigate the risk factors in this population; however, very few studies have been done since then that explore the higher CAD rates in Asian Indians. This is a comprehensive and current review of the known risk factors for CAD in Asian Indians and strategies physicians should consider relieving this burden.