Article Abstract

A rare case of epilepsy and acute pancreatitis induced by severe paraquat poisoning

Authors: Hongxia Dong, Xiaobo Peng, Zewu Qiu


Paraquat can lead to injury of multiple organs. As there is no specific treatment for paraquat poisoning, it represents a serious clinical problem. Antioxidants are required to treat oxidative stress in paraquat poisoning and paraquat-induced injury. In this study, we report on successful treatment of a rare case of epilepsy and acute pancreatitis caused by paraquat poisoning. A 29-year-old woman at our hospital presented with a 13-day history of nausea and vomiting after ingesting 20 mL of paraquat (20% W/V). After therapies, the symptoms were controlled. The patient remained asymptomatic during 1 year of follow-up.