Article Abstract

The promise of an augmented reality game—Pokémon GO

Authors: Ji-Young An, Claudio R. Nigg


Recent advances in technology facilitate the promoting of physical activity (1-8). This is important due to the health effect of physical activity and the reach and disseminability of technology based programs/interventions. Specifically, Pokémon GO (released in 2016) may promote a higher degree of activity than many previous exergames such as Nintendo Wii Fit (released in 2007). Pokémon GO uses augmented reality (AR), which is similar to virtual reality but the key concept for it is ‘utility’ instead of ‘presence’. Pokémon GO encourages players to walk around, to socialize, and even to make friends. AR is a promising concept in that it allows for another type of tailoring of interventions, namely geographic tailoring to an individual’s environment.