Pain Therapy

Posted On 2021-02-03 13:32:31

In this series, recent developments on the assessment and pain management have been presented. The authors focused their attention on a wide field of applications: from new delivery systems for analgesics to pain assessment in clinical trials or interventional management of neuropathic pain.

Editorial on Pain Therapy
Editorial for the series on pain therapy
Antonio Ruggiero

Review Article on Pain Therapy
Opioid transdermal delivery system: a useful method for pain management in children
Stefano Mastrangelo, Michele Antonio Capozza, Silvia Triarico, Giorgio Attinà, Palma Maurizi, Alberto Romano, Antonio Ruggiero

Narrative review of intrathecal drug delivery (IDD): indications, devices and potential complications
Michele Antonio Capozza, Silvia Triarico, Stefano Mastrangelo, Giorgio Attinà, Palma Maurizi, Antonio Ruggiero

Advances in the interventional management of neuropathic pain
Vishal Varshney, Jill Osborn, Rahul Chaturvedi, Vrajesh Shah, Krishnan Chakravarthy

Pain assessment in clinical trials: a narrative review
Livia Puljak, Krste Boric, Svjetlana Dosenovic

Intranasal drugs for analgesia and sedation in children admitted to pediatric emergency department: a narrative review
Valeria Pansini, Antonietta Curatola, Antonio Gatto, Ilaria Lazzareschi, Antonio Ruggiero, Antonio Chiaretti

The series “Pain Therapy” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Translational Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Antonio Ruggiero served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.