Tumor Associated Macrophages in Solid Tumor: Friend or Foe

Posted On 2020-08-06 09:32:07

The focused series aims to highlight the current status of TAMs research in context to solid tumors in a preclinical and clinical setting. We have invited distinguished scientists from the different onco- immunology field for this focused series. I hope, the reviews will help the reader to understand in detail macrophages topographical and temporal heterogeneity and functional diversity in different tumor types.

Tumor-associated macrophages in solid tumor: friend or foe
Gaurav Pandey

Review article
Metabolic programming of tumor associated macrophages in the context of cancer treatment
Thomas Crezee, Katrin Rabold, Lisanne de Jong, Martin Jaeger, Romana T. Netea-Maier

Emerging neo adjuvants for harnessing therapeutic potential of M1 tumor associated macrophages (TAM) against solid tumors: Enusage of plasticity
Vinod Nadella, Manoj Garg, Sonia Kapoor, Tuhar Singh Barwal, Aklank Jain, Hridayesh Prakash

Metabolic reprograming of tumor-associated macrophages
Abhishek Puthenveetil, Shweta Dubey

Editorial Commentary
Innate immune checkpoints for cancer immunotherapy: expanding the scope of non T cell targets
Luis F. Campesato, Chien-Huan Weng, Taha Merghoub

The series “Tumor Associated Macrophages in Solid Tumor: Friend or Foe” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Translational Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Gaurav Pandey served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.