Current State of Intraoperative Imaging

Posted On 2021-02-03 13:59:31

This series of Annals of Translational Medicine presents a collection of review articles on the current state of intraoperative imaging in spinal surgery. The rates of spine surgery and spinal instrumentation have increased tremendously in the past two decades. This increase has been accompanied by technological innovations and advances that are expanding the horizon of spinal surgery and making these procedures increasingly feasible, safe and efficient for the management of a wide range of disorders.

Editorial on Current State of Intraoperative Imaging
Editorial for current state of intraoperative imaging in spinal surgery
Sheeraz Qureshi

Review Article on Current State of Intraoperative Imaging
Intraoperative risks of radiation exposure for the surgeon and patient
Nathaniel W. Jenkins, James M. Parrish, Evan D. Sheha, Kern Singh

Current state of navigation in spine surgery
Nathaniel Rawicki, James E. Dowdell, Harvinder S. Sandhu

The current state of navigation in robotic spine surgery
Meng Huang, Tyler A. Tetreault, Avani Vaishnav, Philip J. York, Blake N. Staub

Preoperative planning for intraoperative navigation guidance
Shahbaaz A. Sabri, Philip J. York

Narrative review of intraoperative imaging guidance for decompression-only surgery
Sohrab Virk, Sheeraz Qureshi

Narrative review of intraoperative image guidance for transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion
Joseph A. Weiner, Michael H. McCarthy, Peter Swiatek, Philip K. Louie, Sheeraz A. Qureshi

Intraoperative image guidance for lateral position surgery
Peter R. Swiatek, Michael H. McCarthy, Joseph Weiner, Shivani Bhargava, Avani S. Vaishnav, Sravisht Iyer

Intraoperative image guidance for the surgical treatment of adult spinal deformity
Venkat Boddapati, Joseph M. Lombardi, Hikari Urakawa, Ronald A. Lehman

Intraoperative image guidance for endoscopic spine surgery
Jason I. Liounakos, Gregory W. Basil, Hikari Urakawa, Michael Y. Wang

Intraoperative image guidance for cervical spine surgery
Sertac Kirnaz, Harry Gebhard, Taylor Wong, Raj Nangunoori, Franziska Anna Schmidt, Kosuke Sato, Roger Härtl

Current innovation in virtual and augmented reality in spine surgery
Frank J. Yuk, Georgios A. Maragkos, Kosuke Sato, Jeremy Steinberger

The series “Current State of Intraoperative Imaging” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Translational Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Sheeraz Qureshi served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.