Vol 3, No 20 (November 2015): Annals of Translational Medicine


Chinese expert consensus on clinical use of non-invasive airway inflammation assessment in bronchial asthma
Jiangtao Lin, Kaisheng Yin, Nan Su, Mao Huang, Chen Qiu, Chuntao Liu, Shaoxi Cai, Chuangli Hao, on behalf of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Chinese Society of Chest Physicians

Original Article

Survival following reirradiation using intensity-modulated radiation therapy with temozolomide in selected patients with recurrent high grade gliomas
Meryem Aktan, Mehmet Koc, Gul Kanyilmaz
The results with the addition of metronomic cyclophosphamide to palliative radiotherapy for the treatment of non-small cell lung carcinoma
Swaroop Revannasiddaiah, Subhash Chandra Joshi, Kailash Chandra Pandey, Madhup Rastogi, Mukesh Sharma, Manoj Gupta
How to cope with a temporarily aborted transplant program: solutions for a prolonged waiting period
Frédéric Vanden Eynden, Martine Antoine, Bachar El Oumeiri, Marie-Luce Chirade, Jean-Luc Vachiéry, Guido J. Van Nooten
Change of plasma microRNA-208 level in acute myocardial infarction patients and its clinical significance
Zhijun Han, Lizhu Zhang, Ling Yuan, Xiaoxiao Liu, Xi Chen, Xinhe Ye, Chengjian Yang, Zihe Yan
Diagnosis value of CD117 and PDGFRA, alone or in combination DOG1, as biomarkers for gastrointestinal stromal tumors
Chunwei Xu, Hongyan Han, Jingjing Wang, Bo Zhang, Yun Shao, Liying Zhang, Huaitao Wang, Haiyan Wang, Yongfang Wu, Xiaobing Li, Ruiming Li, Yuwang Tian

Review Article

cfDNA analysis from blood in melanoma
Miguel A. Molina-Vila, Clara Mayo-de-las-Casas, Jordi Bertran-Alamillo, Nuria Jordana-Ariza, María González-Cao, Rafael Rosell

Case Report

Spinal cord infarct as a presentation of cholangiocarcinoma with metastases
Yu Yu Thar, Aung Myint Tun, Tiangui Huang, Sonal Bordia, Elizabeth Guevara
Metastatic colorectal cancer in a cirrhotic liver with synchronous hepatocellular carcinoma
Michael Karass, Emily Grossniklaus, Talal Seoud, Ralph Kamel, Oluwadamilola Teniola, Gabriela Oprea, Daniel A. Goldstein, Sanjay Jain


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