Case Report

Metastatic colorectal cancer in a cirrhotic liver with synchronous hepatocellular carcinoma

Michael Karass, Emily Grossniklaus, Talal Seoud, Ralph Kamel, Oluwadamilola Teniola, Gabriela Oprea, Daniel A. Goldstein, Sanjay Jain


We are reporting a case of a patient with a previous history of colorectal cancer (CRC) and cirrhosis, who developed concurrent liver lesions consistent with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC); a case which is unique due to the low incidence of multiple cancers, particularly HCC in the setting of previous advanced colorectal carcinoma along, in a cirrhotic liver. We will review the known literature on multiple cancer rates found in patients with known colorectal carcinoma. We will then outline this particular patient’s presentation, followed by a discussion as to why the particular concurrent development of HCC in the setting of previous CRC is of note.

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