Oncoplastic technique using a lateral mammary adipofascial flap for the breast-conserving reconstruction

Jiang Wu, Changjiao Yan, Lei Wang, Yuqing Yang, Rui Ling, Nanlin Li


Achieving satisfactory cosmetic results after breast-conserving surgery (BCS) can be difficult for breast cancer patients with large tumors. To avoid breast asymmetries and deformation, we present a case of breast reconstruction after BCS with a lateral mammary adipofascial flap, which was dissociated along the sentinel lymph node biopsy incision. During the procedure, the pedicled flap was transferred into the residual tumor cavity through a tunnel between them and then matched the residual cavity. The sufficient blood supply of the transferred flap was observed in ultrasound at follow-up. The operative is straightforward to perform and less invasive. No operative complications were observed. The cosmetic results were found to be good with a natural shape, volume, and symmetry, and with which the patient has reported high satisfaction. This procedure offers a new possibility in breast reconstruction and is worth considering as a new option for immediate repair after BCS.