Infomelanoma 2020: an online digital application designed to assist health professionals for melanoma treatment

Maria González-Cao, Mar Carrasco-Calvo, Ainara Soria, Alfonso Berrocal, Ana Arance, Susana Puig, Laura Alós, Santiago Viteri, Pablo Cerezuela, Salvador Martín-Algarra


Melanoma is the most lethal skin tumor and its incidence has increased dramatically in the western world during the last decades. The adjusted incidence rate of melanoma in Spain is 5.2 per 100,000 inhabitants/year, with higher prevalence among women (2.7% of all female cancers) than men (1.5%). This gender imbalance is maintained across the rest of Europe (1-3). More than 5,000 new melanoma cases are diagnosed in Spain every year and up to 19–25% present with advanced stage disease, with very few options for curative treatment. Consequently, the crude mortality rate has increased from 700 to more than 900 patients per year (4-7).