Gjin Ndrepepa, MD

Department of Adult Cardiology, Deutsches Herzzentrum München, Technische Universität, Munich, Germany

Dr Ndrepepa was graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tirana in 1983 and has served as lecturer on Medical Biochemistry for 14 years in the same University. From September 1992 until July 1993 was Fulbright Scholar, VA Medical Center and Suny Health Science Center at Brooklyn, New York University, New York, USA (under supervision of Prof Nabil El-Sherif, MD). During 1985-1987 has completed the Fellowship in Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine University of Tirana. From January 1998 (up to know) is Senior Research Scientist, German Heart Center, Munich, Technical University, Munich, Germany. Dr Ndrepepa received the scientific degree “Doctor of Sciences” (thesis entitled: Clinical electrophysiology of atrioventricular junction) in 1993 and academic degrees “Associate Professor” in 1994 and “Professor” in 2011. Dr. Ndrepepa is editorial board member for American Journal of Cardiology, Coronary Artery Disease and Albanian Journal of Medical and Health Sciences. Dr. Ndrepepa has published 230 articles (in Pubmed) and 14 book chapters and served as a reviewer for 83 medical journals.

Dr. Ndrepepa’s main focus of research activity has been clinical electrophysiology of supraventricular tachycardias (mechanisms and ablation), coronary artery disease (efficacy of reperfusion and myocardial salvage, reperfusion injury and coronary no-reflow, cardiac biomarkers, complication of coronary interventions with special focus on bleeding complications, plasma lipids and progression/regression of coronary atherosclerosis), cardiac imaging, antithrombotic drugs and cardiovascular diabetology.

Ongoing research addresses prognostic value of reperfusion markers, cardiac biomarkers, and efficacy of novel antithrombotic drugs and progression/regression of coronary atherosclerosis.

Terms of Appointment: Mar 2019- Feb 2021