Jianrong Zhang, M.D.

M.P.H. Candidate, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis, US

Jianrong Zhang currently is a candidate of Master of Public Health (2017-2019) at Washington University in St. Louis with Brown School Scholarship.

Dr. Zhang accomplished Medicine Degree (2008-2016) at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (China Rank #1 Hospital on Respiratory Diseases for consecutive 7 years recently), and Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease (National Clinical Research Center & State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease of China).

His main research interest is to apply evidence-based methodologies for the design, implementation & report of oncological randomized controlled trials (DIRORCT research project), as well as the diagnostic & therapeutic strategies to lung cancer. From 2014 to present, Dr. Zhang has published 11 articles and 11 conference abstracts in international peer-review academic journals (e.g., J Clin Oncol), and presented his studies at three top international academic conferences (World CHEST Congress, WCLC, ESMO Asia).

(One-year Achievement of 2016)

• Invited 53 scholars (at least 25 guests with over 1,000 citations regarding published articles) for writing Commentaries, Perspectives, and Editorials
• Invited Prof. Sai Yendamuri and Prof. Wilbert S. Aronow as Editorial Board Members
• Invited Dr. Oscar Arrieta and Dr. Po-Kuei Hsu as Guest Editor, to lead a special issue on "Thoracic Oncology" and "Esophageal Cancer"