Jianrong Zhang, MD

M.P.H. Candidate, George Warren Brown School; Graduate Policy Scholar, Clark-Fox Policy Institute, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, USA.

Jianrong Zhang currently is the Candidate of Master of Public Health (Epidemiology/Biostatistics) in George Warren Brown School of Social Work, as well as the Candidate of Graduate Policy Scholar in Clark-Fox Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.

Dr. Zhang accomplished Medicine Degree (2008-2016) and clinical training (2012, 2014-2016) at Guangzhou Medical University with its First Affiliated Hospital (China Rank #1 Hospital on Respiratory Diseases for recent 8 years consecutively). The specialization is thoracic surgery. He also received research training (2013-2016) at Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease (National Clinical Research Center & State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease of China). 

His main research interest is to apply evidence-based methodologies in transdisciplinary areas, including design, implementation & report of oncological randomized controlled trials (DIRORCT research project; Lead Investigator), epidemiology and diagnostic & therapeutic strategies to lung cancer, as well as related policy on healthcare policy. From 2014 to present, Dr. Zhang has published 15 academic articles and 11 conference abstracts in international peer-review journals (e.g., J Clin Oncol, Ann Surg), and presented his studies at three international academic conferences (World CHEST 2016 Congress, 16th IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC 2015), ESMO Asia Congress 2015).

Jianrong joined Annals of Translational Medicine from Jan 2016 as Section Editor. With his two years efforts (2016-2017), he totally invited 94 top scholars for writing Commentaries, Perspectives, and Editorials on potentially influential studies from top journals.