Martin K. (Casey) Childers, PhD

University of Washington, Seattle Washington, USA

Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine; Investigator, Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Washington.

NIH and several non-profit organizations to understand and develop gene replacement therapy for a rare muscle disease, myotubular myopathy, fund Dr. Childers. The major effort of the Childers research laboratory is performed in a translational animal model of the disease. Another area of research by the laboratory focuses on cellular reprogramming of patient-derived urine samples to stem cells. This effort generates cellular reagents of disease-causing mutant cell lines for high-throughput drug discovery.

Terms of Appointment: Oct 2015 - Sep 2017

General expertise:

Skeletal muscle physiology, canine models of inherited muscle disease, cellular reprogramming of monogenic muscle diseases for drug discovery.