Unaiza Niaz, MD

Director, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, The Psychiatric Clinic & Stress Research Centre, 6 C, 7th Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase V, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan

Unaiza Niaz is The Director of The Psychiatric Clinic and Stress Research Center in Karachi, Pakistan. She is also Visiting Professor of the University of Health Sciences, Lahore and Visiting Faculty of Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi. She studied in both the UK, where she is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatry, and at Johns Hopkins in the US as a Post Doctoral Fellow. Dr Niaz is Founder and President of the Pakistan Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Advisory Council Member, of the WPA Section on Woman’s Mental Health, an Advisory Council Board Member & Past Editor Newsletter, of the International Association of Women’s Mental Health and Past Vice President Eastern Mediterranean Region and Executive Board Member of the World Federation for Mental Health. She is the Honorary Member of the WPA & International Distinguish fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr Niaz has published about 80 scientific papers, several chapters in books and authored nine books, including Wars, Insurgencies and Terrorist Attacks: A psychosocial Perspective from the Muslim World (Oxford University Press 2011).

Some significant experiences of DR Niaz are:(a) her knowledge of conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And that she has worked with refugees and IDP’S, especially women & children in actual fact is of essential value; having practical experience of PTSD, suffering of displacement & migration.(b)And her long withstanding of Women’s mental health issues In the Eastern Mediterranean regions; which has become the ”The melting pot” of regional crises, wars insurgencies and terrorist attacks. Such exceptional and extraordinary experiences in her career gave her ample opportunities for networking, organizing groups of diverse multi-professional women in Eastern Mediterranean region & managing and promoting International Women’s Mental Health.

She has been honored as the leading woman psychiatrist in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. She was invited to present Keynote Lectures in Conferences in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq Syria Gaza Palestine, UAE, Algeria besides Hong Kong, Sri Lanka & Singapore. And she has contributed key articles in the Arab Journal of Psychiatry, Algerian Franz Fanon Society Algeria, and Egypt Phase NGO for women victims of IPV, Newsletter


• Fellowship of the Academy of Pakistan Association of Medical Sciences
• Social Sciences Book Award from Pakistan Academy of Social Sciences( Book- Wars, Insurgencies & Terrorist Attacks: A psychosocial Perspective from Muslim World)
• Life time Achievement Award as Dow Graduate in Psychiatry, by the Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi Pakistan

Terms of Appointment: Jul 2017- Aug 2019