Edwin Wang, PhD

Senior Investigator at National Research Council Canada, and Professor at McGill University, Department of Medicine, Canada

Edwin has a undergraduate training in computer science and a PhD in experimental molecular genetics at University of British Columbia (2002). After one year of postdoc training in bioinformatics at FlyBase (a genome database of fruit fly), he moved to National Research Council of Canada (Montreal) where he established the bioinformatics team. His research program focuses on: (1) developing novel algorithms for modeling of molecular networks, biomarker discovery and translational medicine; and (2) developing new concepts for data analysis toward interpreting data, generating, prioritizing and testing new hypotheses.

Edwin has edited Cancer Systems Biology (CRC press, 2010), the first book of the field. He is a member of AACR’s cancer systems biology think tank, which consists of ~30 world leaders of the field. He is an Editor or Associate Editor of several academic journals such as PLoS Computational Biology. Edwin is also a member of multiple NIH review panels. His pioneer work of cancer network motifs has been featured in the textbook, Genetics: from Genes to Genomes (McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2014) written by a Noble Laureate, Dr. Hartwell and colleagues. Lab webpage: http://www.cancer-systemsbiology.org/.

Terms of Appointment: Feb 2015 - Jan 2017