Jianhong Long, MD (Plastics and Aesthetic Surgery)

Department of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Central South University Xiangya Hospital, Changsha, China

Prof. Jianhong Long, MD., director of Department of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Central South University Xiangya Hospital, Changsha, China, was one of "Central South University Xiangya Famous Doctors".

  • Working experience

1983.7  Graduated from Hunan Medical University.

1983.9  Started working at Burn and Plastic Surgery Department, Xiangya hospital.

1986  Studied in Shanghai 9th Hospital,tutored by academician Disheng Zhang and professor Wei Wang.

1998  Studied in Australia St. Vincent Hospital,tutored by professor Morrison—a well known expert in Plastic surgery.

1994-2008  Served asvice-director of Burn and Plastic Surgery department and director of Cosmetic center in Xiangya Hospital.

1999.10  Promoted to chief physician, professor.

2008-now  Established Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Department in Xiangya Hospital and served as director.

  • Clinical achievement

1.      With 31 years experience, he insists on the clinicalfront line, 3 days outpatient consulting and operating and 2 days ward roundsand inpatient operating every week. He is consulted by about 5000 patients andfinishes more than 2000 operations annually.

2.      Microsurgery:

1986  Became thepioneer of microsurgical operation in Hunan province.

1995  Successfullyimplemented the first avulsed scalp replantation with vascular anastomosis inHunan, which filled the blank of this area in our hospital six central southprovinces.

1998  Carried out alarge quantities of microsurgical flap transplantation operation, which brokethrough the “bottleneck” of the technology in our hospital. The operation timehad been reduced to less than 10 hours, and the amount of such operations wasincreased to over 100/year rather than original several/year, which rankedHunan’s microsurgical technology top place in our country.

2000  Took the leadin our country to carry out the study of lateral anterior femoral perforatorflaps without nerve injury. And he accomplished the hepatic artery anastomosisfor 5 liver transplantation operations in our hospital, which guaranteed ourhospital on the top of the list in our country in living donor livertransplantation aspect.

3.      Wound repair:

He first proposed the theoryof using multiple tissue composite transplantation to repair upper limb’ssevere trauma, which effectively reduced the occurrence of amputation, severedeformity and dysfunction. He was one of the doctors who first applicateddiverse skin flaps to repair complex wounds, such as: successfully usingbilataral tensor fasciae latae flap transplantation with vascular anastomosisto reconstruct abdominal wall.

4.      Repair and reconstruction after resection of tumors:

He took the lead inHunan province to carry out repair and reconstruction after resection of tumors.Such as: using small bowel grafting to repair esophageal defect after laryngealcarcinoma dissection was the first in Hunan province. As a leader of cosmeticsurgery field in Hunan Province, he spreaded plastic surgery technique amonghospitals in and around Hunan province.

He helped more than 40 friendship hospitals with post-operation defect using over 20 kinds of skin flaps, and cultivated a large number of plastic surgery talent for our hospital and province in past 20 years. He integrated plastic surgery technique withother subjects, and successfully implemented varieties of complicatedreconstructive operations, which improved doctors’ ability to cooperate witheach other when dealing with difficult cases, and promoted the development ofplastic surgery in our hospital and province. For instance, technique of hugetumor excision and repair has reached domestic advanced level.

5.      Establishing of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Department:

He established thefirst plastic and cosmetic surgery department in Xiangya Hospital among 3affiliated hospitals of Central South University in 2008, which included morethan 30 workers, one ward and one outpatient clinic with operating roomsinside, received about 15000 patients in total, 6000 operations in outpatientand 1000 patients in admission per year. It is currently the largest plasticsurgery department of general hospital in Hunan province. He has innovated and improved more than 20 kinds of operations.

  • Academic assignment

Committee of ChineseMedical Association of plastic surgery (the only one in Hunan province), StandingCommittee of Cosmetic and plastic surgeons branch of Chinese medical doctorAssociation, Standing Committee of breast sub-branch of Cosmetic and plasticsurgeons branch of Chinese medical doctor Association. Vice chairman of burn and plastic surgery branch of Hunan Province Medical Association, chairman of cosmetic study group of Hunan medical Association, vice chairman of medical aesthetics and Cosmetic branch of Hunan Province Medical Association, member of editorial board and reviewer of "Chinese Journal of plastic surgery" and more than ten kinds of other publications.

  • Scientific Research and Awards

3 fundations of Science and Technology Department in Hunan Province

3 fundations of Health Department in Hunan Province

1 award of million-talent project, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University

Obtained 1 Nationalpatent

1 Award of First Prizein Xiangya Hospital Medical New technology achievements

2 Awards of Second Prize in Xiangya Hospital Medical New technology achievements

Xiangya Hospital TopTen Outstanding Young Physician Award

1 Award of Second Prize in Central South University Medical Outcomes

1 Award of Second Prize of Health Science and technology progress in Hunan Province

1 Award of Second Prize of Science and technology progress in Hunan Province

2 Awards of Third Prize of Science and technology progress in Hunan Province

Writing more than 100 papers

One monograph

Taking part in editing 4 books

  • Teaching work

Being engaged in undergraduate and International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) teaching work, he cultivates more than 30 masters and doctors, among who 2/3 have graduated. As supervisor, he instructed to obtain 2 doctoralinnovation fundation in Central South University. He played part in editing 2 teaching materials for 7-year students and graduates.