Guoxiang Sun, PhD

School of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical
University, Liaoning, China

Professor Guoxiang Sun graduated from Lanzhou University in 1987 and received his PhD in Yaoke University in 2003. As the Vice Dean of Pharmacy College, and a Councilor of Chinese Chromatography Society as well as a member of the Acta pharmaceutical Sinica editorial board, he has published 240 academic papers. He has put forward TCM fingerprintothology and its informatics. So far more than 20 theories i.e. 200 kinds of mathematical models has been originally and innovatively established to evaluate TCM quality by fingerprints. He has innovated 9 computer soft wares to briefly calculate the 100 digitized criteria parameters and the systematically quantified fingerprint method to control TCM/HD quality. Moreover, Prof. Sun firstly set forward TCM fingerprintothology in 2007. He invented 《Digitized Evaluation System for Super-information Characteristics of TCM Chromatographic Fingerprints 4.0》that can thoroughly control TCM/HD to the best quality level.