Tianhui (Thomas) Chen, MD, PhD

Professor, Group Head,
Group of Molecular Epidemiology & Cancer Precision Prevention,
Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences, Hangzhou, China

Dr. Tianhui Chen has 10-year epidemiological work experience in Europe and spent 7 years in Heidelberg alone at German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ), Germany. He earned a PhD in Occupational and Environmental Health (2006) and a MD in Preventive Medicine (1998). He holds a full-professorship of epidemiology and leads a group of Molecular Epidemiology & Cancer Precision Prevention at Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences (ZJAMS), Hangzhou, China

His current work mainly focuses on, but not limited to, early detection and diagnosis of common cancers (using biomarkers and gene panels), cancer risk factors and precision prevention, and data mining for population-based cancer registry database (assessment of long-term survival of cancer patients using period analysis, risk of second primary cancers and familial risks of cancer, etc). As a PI, he has 9 ongoing grants (with budgets around 3.9 million RMB) sponsored by major funding agencies such as National Key Research-Development Project, National Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, Key Research-Development Program of Zhejiang Province, and Joint Key Program of Zhejiang Province-Ministry of Health.

He has 40 SCI-papers published in English journals (Overall JCR IF=177) and among them, 22 was 1st authorship papers (Overall IF=103) and 10 with IF>5, including Diabetes Care, JAMA Dermatology, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, International Journal of Cancer(3), European Journal of Cancer (2), and Cancer Letters (2). He serves as an Associate Editor for Frontiers in Oncology (specialty section: Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention) and as a Peer Reviewer for a number of international journals, including BMJ, Gut and International Journal of Cancer.

Terms of Appointment: Nov 2012 - Oct 2014; Nov 2014 - Oct 2016; Nov 2016 - Oct 2018; Nov 2018 - Oct 2020