Alexandre G. Lellouch, MD, PhD candidate

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

Dr. Lellouch is currently Chief resident in Plastic surgery in Paris, France and have extensive experience with reconstructive microsurgery. He is working under Prof. Laurent Lantieri, Hospital George Pompidou, Paris (who has a personal case series of 8 face and 2 hand transplants) and Dr. Curtis Cetrulo (who performed first penile transplant in the US and hand transplant). Studies such as these, and the emergence of hand and face transplantation as clinical options in the treatment of severely injured and disfigured patients led to an interest in the emerging field of reconstructive transplantation, and Dr. Lellouch’s decision to pursue a research fellowship at the Center for Transplantation Sciences (CTS).

Vascularized Composite allograft (VCA) has emerged in recent years as the most promising treatment option for many patients afflicted with soft tissue defects that cannot be satisfactorily reconstructed using contemporary techniques. Moreover, VCA has overtaken tissue engineering by becoming a clinically viable option. Unfortunately, the prognostic in the long term is compromised due to the ineluctable development of chronic rejection and the absence of treatment available. To overcome this issue, Dr. Lellouch collaborates with Dr. Uygun and Dr. Cetrulo to work on the decellularization technology, perfusion machine and induction of tolerance protocols. He has come to the conclusion that VCA will produce the biggest breakthrough, provided the associated immunological concerns can be adequately addressed.

Terms of Appointment: Dec 2018 - Nov 2020