Song Xu, MD, PhD

Department of lung cancer surgery, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital; Tianjin Key Laboratory of Lung Cancer Metastasis and Tumor Microenvironment, Lung Cancer Institute, Tianjin, China

Dr. Xu is a qualified thoracic surgeon from Tianjin Medical University General Hospital who focuses in lung and mediastinal cancers. He is also involved in basic and translational research for thoracic oncology in Tianjin Key Laboratory of Lung Cancer Metastasis and Tumor Microenvironment of Lung Cancer Institute. His research includes tumor microenvironment in drug resistance, liquid and genetic biomarkers in lung cancers, and gene mutation analysis in rare thoracic cancers by NGS etc.

Dr. Xu received his MD Degree in Tianjin Medical University (Tianjin, China) and PhD Degree in Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium). Sponsored by AATS, Dr. Xu was a visiting fellow in Mayo Clinic, MGH and UCM in USA.

Dr. Xu has presented orally in many (inter)national meetings, including WCLC, ESMO, MRS and APCC. He has published 24 papers in high-ranked international peer-reviewed journals as the first and/or corresponding author, such as Leukemia, Stem cells, Cancer Letters, and JTO etc.. He is the young member of CSCO and CACA. He has won several inter-or national awards and served as a reviewer for more than 20 international journals.