Li Min, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Gastroenterology, Beijing Friendship Hospital (National Clinical Research Center of Digestive Disease), Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

Dr. Min is an Assistant Professor of National Clinical Research Center of Digestive Disease (Beijing). He is also partly in charge of Beijing Key Laboratory for Precancerous Digestive Diseases. The research team focuses on the pathological mechanism of precancerous and cancerous digestive diseases, as well as epidemiological analysis and mathematical modeling based on clinical data.

Dr. Min obtained his PhD of molecular biology from Peking University and finished a joint-PhD program of Bioinformatics in Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School.

Sponsored by NSFC, Funding Program for Excellent Talents of Beijing, and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Hospital Administration, Dr. Min has already published 24 papers in high impact journals such as Alim Pharm Ther, Carcinogenesism, FASEB J during the past five years. Recently, he focus on 1) the microenvironment change of early tumorigenesis of GI tract, 2) the discovery of novel biomarkers to detect GI cancer at early stage, and 3) classification of patients at different cancer risk based on mathematical modeling /deep learning alogrithm.

He is a board member/chair of youth board of Clinical Trial and Big Data Quality Management Branch of China Pharmaceutical Quality Association, and a board member of Translational Medicine Branch of Overseas-educated Scholar Association of China. He is also a reviewer of many scientific journals.