Amit Kumar Goyal, PhD

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. H. S. Gour University, Sagar, M.P., India

Dr. Amit Kumar Goyal is Professor & Head, Department of Pharmaceutics, at ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga, Punjab. He is the Coordinator of ISFAL Pharma Venture incubation centre at ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga, Punjab, a unique centre where in ideas of students are converted into reality sothat they can start their own business. He is members of many professional national and international societies. He is a member of Board of Studies, some of Government universities, research advisor and institutional ethical committee member. He serves on various expert/reviewer panels in the area of medical biotechnology and nanotechnology. He has been responsible of many research projects funded by Govt. agencies.

Dr. Goyal is the leading scientist in the field of cutting age platform technology (Nanotechnology) for site specific targeted delivery of drugs and bio-actives. Dr. Goyal is expert in formulation development and delivery of drugs, vaccines and herbal bioactives. The use of biotechnology in novel drug delivery development and drug targeting is specialty of his work. Dr. Goyal is focusing his insight towards convergent nanotechnology/nanomedicine and exploring the potential of nanotechnology in the field of biotechnology/herbal technology.

General expertise

He is proficiently focusing his insight on convergent technologies in nanomedicine and exploring their potential in the field of biotechnology and vaccinology. With his apt ingeniousness he is trying to overcome the obstacle of vaccine delivery to ensure an effective vaccination via oral or nasal routes. He could successfully engineered non-toxic nano and micro-carriers for ultrasensitive biotherapeuticals that allow the molecules to cross gastric or nasal mucosa unscathed. The approach involves selection of immunogenic segments and excipients, preformulation profiling. The next step in the process is the design of formulation protocol for thermodynamically unstable biomolecules. A wide array of vaccine delivery technologies is being explored by him including polymeric nanoparticles, lipid nanocarriers, micellar systems and inorganic metal nanoparticles. He has also made significant augmentation in understanding, methods, application and theory of electrospun nanofibers for drug delivery applications. He is exploring nanofibers for the topical delivery of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in the treatment of buccal cancer, cervical cancer, mouth ulcer and eye problems. The demonstrable research contribution made by Dr. Goyal has impacted the academic advances, across and within the disciplines.

Terms of Appointment: Sep 2017- Aug 2019