Shao-Cong Sun, PhD

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA

Dr. Shao-Cong Sun is the Director of the Center for Inflammation and Cancer, the Moshe Talpaz Endowed Chair in Immunology, and Professor and Deputy Chair of the Department of Immunology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

His research concerns signal transduction in immune and inflammatory responses, with a major focus on the regulation of inflammatory T cell activation and differentiation. His lab has made a number of major contributions to the field, including pioneer work in NF-B signaling and seminal findings on the role of ubiquitination in regulation of T-cell activation and development of autoimmune inflammatory diseases. Dr. Sun was among the first to demonstrate IB inducible degradation as the fundamental mechanism of NF-B activation, and his laboratory also pioneered the discovery of the noncanonical NF-B pathway and demonstration of its regulatory mechanism. Dr. Sun’s laboratory has also made seminal findings regarding the role of ubiquitination in the regulation of T cell development, homeostasis, and activation and characterized a number of E3 ubiquitin ligases and deubiquitinases. An important part of his ongoing research is to dissect the ubiquitin-dependent signaling pathways in the regulation of T-cell activation and tolerance in animal models of inflammatory diseases and tumor microenvironment.

Terms of Appointment: Sep 2017- Aug 2019