Evangelos Terpos, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Hematology, Department of Clinical Therapeutics in the University of Athens, School of Medicine, Athens, Greece

Prof. Terpos has been appointed as Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Haematology, Faculty of Medicine Imperial College London, UK. 

His main research interest is the biology of plasma cell dyscrasias and especially the biology of bone disease in multiple myeloma (MM). In more than 370 papers in peer-reviewed journals, Dr Terpos has reported the significant role of RANKL and osteoprotegerin axis, CCL-3 (MIP-1a), Wnt and TGF-beta signalling in myeloma bone disease and myeloma cell growth. He has studied the predictive value of markers of bone remodelling and osteoclast function in myeloma progression and patients’ survival. He has evaluated the effect of bisphosphonates and different anti-myeloma therapies including ASCT, IMiDs- and bortezomib-based regimens on bone metabolism. He has studied the biology and prevalence of osteonecrosis of the jaw in myeloma patients who receive bisphosphonates. Dr Terpos also works on the role of modern imaging (including whole-body low-dose CT and MRI) for MM, of angiogenesis in MM and Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia, and of renal impairment in MM. In the clinical research era, Dr Terpos participates in all important clinical trials with novel agents (pomalidomide, carfilzomib, ixazomib, daratumumab, elotuzumab, panobinostat, etc) in the field of multiple myeloma. 

Dr Terpos is co-chairing the Bone Subgroup of the International Myeloma Working Group and the Guideline Subgroup of the European Myeloma Network. He participates in several clinical trials with novel antimyeloma agents in the field of multiple myeloma. Dr Terpos has given lectures at ASH, ASCO & EHA meetings, International Myeloma Workshops, International Meetings on Cancer-Induced Bone Disease and in several national meetings. He is reviewer of scientific papers in more than 50 medical journals and has reviewed abstracts for ASH, EHA & EBMT meetings. He is a member of the editorial board of Haematologica. 

Terms of Appointment: Nov 2016 - Oct 2018