Ross Grant, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney Medical School and CEO of the Australasian Research Institute, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Sydney, Australia

A biochemical pharmacologist with a Neurochemistry/Neuropharmacology, Dr. Grant’s research is focused on the role of diet and lifestyle in the generation of oxidative stress and changes in NAD metabolism and how this influences cellular degeneration, particularly inthe central nervous system. A related interest is in the effect of exposure to novel nutritional components, such as polyphenols, on human cellular response to oxidative stress, with a goal of detecting and correcting early degenerative biochemical changes associated with age-related degenerative disease.

With more than fifty published articles inpeer-reviewed journals, Dr. Grant is a productive author in the field of oxidative stress, inflammation and NAD research. He is on the editorial boards of several journals including, the International Journal of Tryptophan Research,International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition, Journal of Nutritional Medicine and Diet care and Journal of Nutrition Pharmacology and Neurological Disease.

He has presented over sixty research papersat scientific and medical conferences, and is regularly invited to speak atpublic and professional seminars each year. He is also a frequent guest ontelevision and radio programs on health, wellness, nutrition, and to presentresults of his current research.

Dr. Grant is a board member of Nutrition Australiaand a member of the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR), NutritionSociety of Australia (NSA), Australian Diseases Management Association (ADMA)and Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA).

Terms of Appointment: Aug 2016 - Jul 2018