Joshua I. Barzilay, MD

Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr. Barzilay did his undergraduate studies at Columbia University in New York City, followed by medical school at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. He did his internal training in New York City as well. After that he was in Israel for several years. At the Weizmann Institute of Science he did research on oncogene regulation of the expression of the major histocompatibility class I genes (laboratory of Michael Feldman PhD). Upon his return to the United States, Dr. Barzilay did a clinical fellowship in endocrinology at Harvard University, followed by an extra year of research in diabetes epidemiology under Andrzej Krolewski MD, PhD, at the Joslin Clinic. Following training Dr. Barzilay joined the Southeast Permanente Medical Group in Atlanta, GA (USA) in 1990 as a clinical endocrinologist.

Despite doing clinical work full time, Dr. Barzilay continues to engage clinical research. There are 2 areas of interest which he pursues. (1) Clinical trials. Dr. Barzilay has been a principal investigator for the ALLHAT, ACCORD/ACCORDION, TINSAL T2D, ONTARGET/TRANSCEND, GRADE studies, as well as several others. All these trials have investigated diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Among his publications from these studies he has shown that the elevation in fasting glucose levels associated with the use of thiazide diuretics does not translate into more cardiovascular disease compared to other antihypertensive medications; that use of ACE inhibitors and ARBs do not prevent fasting glucose level elevation in people treated for high blood pressure; and that microalbuminuria is a risk factor for dementia and for hip fractures (2) A member of the Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS) for the past 20 years. CHS is a large ongoing study of over 5600 older individuals who has been followed for more than 12 years for the development of cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses. In this role Dr. Barzilay continues to explore the relationship between diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He was among the first to show that type 2 diabetes has an inflammatory basis and to demonstrate that the World Health Organization criteria for diagnosing type 2 diabetes were able to capture more cases of incident cardiovascular disease than the fasting glucose criteria of the American Diabetes Association. More recently his attention has turned to osteoporosis. He has demonstrated that circulating levels of the advanced glycation end product carboxymethyl lysine is a risk factor for incident hip fractures and that the association of dementia with hip fracture risk is mediated through the presence of albuminuria.

Dr. Barzilay continues to practice endocrinology clinically and is an adjunct professor of medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine, division of endocrinology. He serves on the diabetes and hypertension committee of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

Terms of Appointment: Nov 2017- Oct 2019