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Left lower lobe sleeve resection for endobronchial schwannoma

	author = {Hu Liao and Wenpeng Song and Nan Chen and Fengning Chen and Chengwu Liu and Feng Lin},
	title = {Left lower lobe sleeve resection for endobronchial schwannoma},
	journal = {Annals of Translational Medicine},
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	year = {2018},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Schwannomas are mesenchymal neoplasms originating from Schwann cells of the nerve sheath. The tumor may appear anywhere in the body, while it has a predilection for extremities, trunk, retroperitoneum, head, and neck. Primary pulmonary schwannoma is extremely rare, accounting for less than 0.2% of all lung tumors. A 42-year-old man was incidentally discovered to have an endobronchial tumor, and we performed the left lower lobe sleeve resection to remove the mass completely. Postoperative histopathological findings confirmed a benign schwannoma. Although endobronchial schwannoma is extremely rare, follow-ups are crucial for monitoring tumor growth and reducing the risk of recurrence.},
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