Focus on “The 2nd International Symposium International Symposium on Acute Pulmonary Injury Translational Research organized by Hospital Universitario de Getafe, under the auspices of the: ‘INSPIRES®’.” edited d by Dr. Oscar Peñuelas and Dr. Jordi Rello

Posted On 2018-02-08 11:09:45

The objective of this issue of the journal is to present the main monographic reviews carried out by the speakers of the symposium to contribute to the dissemination of the current knowledge about the most relevant topics of ARDS, and the management and translational research of acute lung injury in critically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation.

The manuscripts and Symposium Summary presented in this issue of the Annals of the Traslational Medicine reflect two outstanding and remarkable days of discourse, discovery, discussion, contemporary thinking about mechanisms of ALI and novel therapeutical strategies in ARDS based on translational research that allows a scenario of cooperation in research exchange of scientific collaborations between research groups, and the promotion of young researchers that may serve as a reference framework for the dissemination of translational research in ARDS at European level.

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