Focus on “Innovations and Technology in Surgery” Guest Edited by Drs. Michael Sosin and Ketan M. Patel

Posted On 2016-12-26 10:05:13

The modern era of surgery makes this an exciting and rewarding time to practice surgery. Without doubt, surgical outcomes are constantly improving. Nevertheless, a push for improvement, with novel advances in the multidisciplinary field of surgery have stimulated an unprecedented and rapid evolution of surgical innovation and technology. In an effort to capture the ever-changing and extremely broad field of surgical advances, this supplemental issue, ‘Innovations and Technology in Surgery’ in the Annals of Translational Medicine embodies the notion of applying what is ‘new’ to the patient and the surgeon. Much of what is novel may fade into failure or may develop into the new standard. As Osler once stated, ‘The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next, and the foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow.’ As surgeons it is our fiduciary responsibility to remain abreast of the newest and best of current surgical therapy so that we may offer our patients just that.

In a two-part supplemental issue, our distinguished authors have finely reviewed topics of today and (inevitably) tomorrow. Some topics may be unfamiliar to many clinicians, which is why we specifically selected subjects that would be of interest to both physicians and surgeons. Supplement part 1 comprehensively reviews the novel applications of fluorescent-imaging in surgical planning, presents the current state of surgical telementoring, uncovers remarkable advances in fetal surgery, and critically details the composition, advantages, disadvantages, and potential misuse of national databases. It is with great enthusiasm we introduce part 1 of ‘Innovations and Technology in Surgery.’

Focus on Innovations & Technology in Surgery

Acute coronary syndrome: many doubts, some answers
Michael Sosin, Ketan M. Patel
The evolution of surgical telementoring: current applications and future directions
Bassim El-Sabawi, William Magee III
Advances in fluorescent-image guided surgery
Mark J. Landau, Daniel J. Gould, Ketan M. Patel
Surgical research using national databases
Ram K. Alluri, Hyuma Leland, Nathanael Heckmann
Advances in fetal surgery
Kathryn M. Maselli, Andrea Badillo
Laser applications in surgery
Beina Azadgoli, Regina Y. Baker
Innovations in surgery simulation: a review of past, current and future techniques
Ido Badash, Karen Burtt, Carlos A. Solorzano, Joseph N. Carey
Augmented and virtual reality in surgery—the digital surgical environment: applications, limitations and legal pitfalls
Wee Sim Khor, Benjamin Baker, Kavit Amin, Adrian Chan, Ketan Patel, Jason Wong
Emerging trends in social media and plastic surgery
Daniel J. Gould, Hyuma A. Leland, Adelyn L. Ho, Ketan M. Patel

Surgical applications of three-dimensional printing: a review of the current literature & how to get started
Don Hoang, David Perrault, Milan Stevanovic, Alidad Ghiassi

An update and review of cell-based wound dressings and their integration into clinical practice
Austin Pourmoussa, Daniel J. Gardner, Maxwell B. Johnson, Alex K. Wong

Guest Editors: Drs. Michael Sosin and Ketan M. Patel