Cancer Metastasis: Molecular signaling and therapeutic options

Posted On 2020-07-14 08:00:37

As guest editor of this special series of the Annals of Translational Medicine (ATM), I would like to share with the readers at large the contributions from invited authors who provided their unique and expert perspectives on the important and critical topics of this focus series titled “Cancer Metastasis: Molecular signaling and therapeutic options”.

The authors hope that these reviews will provide new and helpful information to readers with expertise in basic, translational and clinical cancer research, with special interest in metastatic cancer.

Perspectives on molecular signaling in cancer and update on therapeutic options for the treatment of metastatic cancer
Khalid Sossey-Alaoui

Review Article
Elucidating the molecular signaling pathways of WAVE3
Urna Kansakar, Wei Wang, Vesna Markovic, Khalid Sossey-Alaoui

Role of Kindlin-2 in cancer progression and metastasis
Wei Wang, Urna Kansakar, Vesna Markovic, Khalid Sossey-Alaoui

Invadopodia: clearing the way for cancer cell invasion
Katarzyna Augoff, Anita Hryniewicz-Jankowska, Renata Tabola

Epigenetic plasticity in metastatic dormancy: mechanisms and therapeutic implications
Nathaniel J. Robinson, Kimberly A. Parker, William P. Schiemann

Mitochondrial metabolism and cancer metastasis
Dandan Yu, Chang Liu, Ling Guo

Signaling within the epithelial ovarian cancer tumor microenvironment: the challenge of tumor heterogeneity
Max Horowitz, Emily Esakov, Peter Rose, Ofer Reizes

Understanding breast cancer disparities—a multi-scale challenge
Hannah E. Hill, William P. Schiemann, Vinay Varadan

Novel targeted therapies for metastatic breast cancer
Khalid Jazieh, Ruth Bell, Nayan Agarwal, Jame Abraham

The series “Cancer Metastasis: Molecular signaling and therapeutic options” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Translational Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Khalid Sossey-Alaoui served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.