Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine: Evolving with the Times

Posted On 2018-02-08 11:46:43

In our current age where technology and information has been closely woven into our daily lives, data are collected in unimaginable amounts. The invention of applications, softwares and algorithms that helps manipulate a large amount of data produce statistically- and evidence-based results, and its introduction into the medical field helps improve outcomes and reduce costs. As tech titans develop intelligence that assists healthcare professionals in treating patients, we inch closer to a world where humans and machines work hand-in-hand to provide high-quality healthcare services to the people. Bench to bedside transition becomes smoother as doctors gain access to information from latest medical journals results, verifying their diagnoses of an illness and their prescription of a particular drug.

The Annals of Translational Medicine (ATM) is putting up a call for new research and innovative ideas on the study of AI in medicine. Regarded as one of the hottest topics that the ATM is placing a huge focus on, all authors and articles are provided a spotlight to showcase their knowledge and studies with other experts. Interested authors may join the editorial board in leading special issues focusing on medical AI, or submit articles that demonstrate novelty in method and theory related to AI and computer science techniques. Any suggestions or ideas of medical AI topics that may spark debate and discussion are also welcome.