Vol 7, No 17 (September 2019): Annals of Translational Medicine (Focus on: “Anticoagulation, Catheterization, and Minimizing Intervention: How Cutting-Edge Cuts Down Disease”)

Editorial Commentary

The death of aspirin for primary prevention—should aspirin be changed to a prescription only medication?
Aranyak Rawal, Brandon Cave, Devarshi Ardeshna, David Hana, Uzoma N. Ibebuogu, Rami N. Khouzam
Wearable cardioverter defibrillators: dead on arrival or chance of survival?
Pooja S. Jagadish, Rami N. Khouzam

Review Article

The dilemma of aspirin resistance in obese patients
Devarshi Ardeshna, Sarthak Khare, Pooja S. Jagadish, Venugopal Bhattad, Brandon Cave, Rami N. Khouzam
From WOEST to AUGUSTUS: a review of safety and efficacy of triple versus dual antithrombotic regimens in patients with atrial fibrillation requiring percutaneous coronary intervention for acute coronary syndrome
David W. Jones, Sheharyar Minhas, Joseph J. Fierro, Devarshi Ardeshna, Aranyak Rawal, Brandon Cave, Samarth P. Shah, Rami N. Khouzam
Ticagrelor or prasugrel vs. clopidogrel in combination with anticoagulation for treatment of acute coronary syndrome in patients with atrial fibrillation
Irene Kirolos, Ikechukwu Ifedili, Miguel Maturana, Alykhan Moez Premji, Brandon Cave, Sherif Roman, David Jones, Romany Gaid, Yehoshua C. Levine, Sunil Jha, Rajesh Kabra, Rami N. Khouzam
Post-operative atrial fibrillation: should we anticoagulate?
Pooja S. Jagadish, Irene Kirolos, Sarthak Khare, Aranyak Rawal, Victor Lin, Rami N. Khouzam
Intravenous cangrelor as a peri-procedural bridge with applied uses in ischemic events
Venugopal B. Bhattad, Sathvika Gaddam, Margaret A. Lassiter, Pooja S. Jagadish, Devarshi Ardeshna, Brandon Cave, Rami N. Khouzam
P2Y12 inhibitors: do they increase cancer risk?
Joseph J. Fierro, Brandon Cave, Rami N. Khouzam
Targeting ticagrelor: a novel therapy for emergency reversal
Brandon Cave, Aranyak Rawal, Devarshi Ardeshna, Uzoma N. Ibebuogu, Chittoor B. Sai-Sudhakar, Rami N. Khouzam
Current status of oral anticoagulant reversal strategies: a review
Aranyak Rawal, Devarshi Ardeshna, Sheharyar Minhas, Brandon Cave, Uzoma Ibeguogu, Rami Khouzam
Is early invasive management as ST elevation myocardial infarction warranted in de Winter’s sign?—a “peak” into the widow-maker
Joel M. Raja, Amit Nanda, Issa Pour-Ghaz, Rami N. Khouzam
After COACT trial—new perspectives for the management of non-ST elevation myocardial infarction: early versus late cardiac catheterization post cardiac arrest
Miguel A. Maturana, Charles F. Clinton, Selene Caballero-Cummings, Brandon Cave, Amal Khan, Amit Nanda, Devarshi Ardeshna, Joel Raja, Rami N. Khouzam
Barriers physicians face when referring patients to cardiac rehabilitation: a narrative review
Carol Elsakr, David A. Bulger, Sherif Roman, Irene Kirolos, Rami N. Khouzam
Action plan for improving cardiac rehabilitation-related outcomes in a university hospital based on a review of previous interventions
Carol Elsakr, Leesa Wright, Pooja S. Jagadish, David A. Bulger, Uzoma N. Ibebuogu, Rami N. Khouzam
Cardiac physiology in post myocardial infarction patients: the effect of cardiac rehabilitation programs—a systematic review and update meta-analysis
Irene Kirolos, Danny Yakoub, Fiorella Pendola, Omar Picado, Aghapy Kirolos, Yehoshua C. Levine, Sunil Jha, Rajesh Kabra, Brandon Cave, Rami N. Khouzam
Apple Watch, Wearables, and Heart Rhythm: where do we stand?
Joel M. Raja, Carol Elsakr, Sherif Roman, Brandon Cave, Issa Pour-Ghaz, Amit Nanda, Miguel Maturana, Rami N. Khouzam
CardioMEMS: where we are and where can we go?
Issa Pour-Ghaz, David Hana, Joel Raja, Uzoma N. Ibebuogu, Rami N. Khouzam
Is there an optimal “door to cath time” in the treatment of acute pulmonary embolism with catheter-directed thrombolysis?
Aranyak Rawal, Devarshi Ardeshna, Kirstin Hesterberg, Brandon Cave, Uzoma N. Ibebuogu, Rami N. Khouzam
Transcatheter aortic valve replacement with a focus on transcarotid: a review of the current literature
Issa Pour-Ghaz, Joel Raja, Mahmoud Bayoumi, Theodore Manolukas, Rami N. Khouzam, Uzoma N. Ibebuogu
Accuracy of non-invasive and minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring: where do we stand?
Issa Pour-Ghaz, Theodore Manolukas, Nathalie Foray, Joel Raja, Aranyak Rawal, Uzoma N. Ibebuogu, Rami N. Khouzam
The renal resistive index as a new complementary tool to predict microvascular diabetic complications in children and adolescents: a groundbreaking finding
Abeer Ahmed Abdel Maksoud, Sherine Mohamed Sharara, Amit Nanda, Rami N. Khouzam


Cardiac technology
Pooja S. Jagadish


The focused issue “Anticoagulation, Catheterization, and Minimizing Intervention: How Cutting-Edge Cuts Down Disease” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Translational Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Rami Khouzam served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the focused issue.