Vol 7, Supplement 5 (September 2019): Annals of Translational Medicine (Focus on: “Current Trends and Advancements in Spine Surgery”)

Editorial Commentary

Spine surgeon ownership of ambulatory surgery centers
Andre M. Samuel, Mark T. Langhans, Sravisht Iyer
Physician-owned hospitals in orthopedic and spine surgery
Junyoung Ahn, Scott Blumenthal, Peter B. Derman

Review Article

Mobile messaging and smartphone apps for patient communication and engagement in spine surgery
Vadim Goz, William Ryan Spiker, Darrel Brodke
3D printing in spine surgery
Evan D. Sheha, Sapan D. Gandhi, Matthew W. Colman
Robotics in spinal surgery
Matthew S. Galetta, Joseph D. Leider, Srikanth N. Divi, Dhruv K. C. Goyal, Gregory D. Schroeder
Changing reimbursement models and private equity ownership in spine surgery
Matthew S. Galetta, Heeren S. Makanji, John Strony, Dhruv K. C. Goyal, Mark F. Kurd
Endoscopic transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion without general anesthesia: technical innovations and outcomes
John Paul G. Kolcun, G. Damian Brusko, Michael Y. Wang
An evaluation of biomaterials and osteobiologics for arthrodesis achievement in spine surgery
Joon S. Yoo, Junyoung Ahn, Dillon S. Patel, Nadia M. Hrynewycz, Thomas S. Brundage, Kern Singh
Current techniques of endoscopic decompression in spine surgery
Yong Ahn
Artificial disc replacement in spine surgery
Yahya A. Othman, Ravi Verma, Sheeraz A. Qureshi
The utility of virtual reality and augmented reality in spine surgery
Joon S. Yoo, Dillon S. Patel, Nadia M. Hrynewycz, Thomas S. Brundage, Kern Singh
The use of tranexamic acid in spine surgery
Joon S. Yoo, Junyoung Ahn, Sailee S. Karmarkar, Eric H. Lamoutte, Kern Singh
Predictive modeling in spine surgery
Azeem Tariq Malik, Safdar N. Khan


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