Vol 6, No 7 (April 2018): Annals of Translational Medicine

Original Article

Frailty in elderly ICU patients in Greece: a prospective, observational study
Dimitris Papageorgiou, Eleni Gika, Konstantina Kosenai, Konstantinos Tsironas, Lamprini Avramopoulou, Ervina Sela, Christina Mandila
Trends in total ankle arthroplasty and revisions in the Medicare database
Tsun Yee Law, Karim G. Sabeh, Samuel Rosas, Zachary Hubbard, Sarah Altajar, Martin W. Roche
Total knee replacement modifies the preoperative tibial torsion angle—similar results between computer-assisted and standard technique
Daniel Hernandez-Vaquero, Alfonso Noriega-Fernandez, Sergio Roncero-Gonzalez, Andres A. Sierra-Pereira, Manuel A. Sandoval-Garcia
Impact factors of orthopaedic journals between 2010 and 2016: trends and comparisons with other surgical specialties
Nequesha S. Mohamed, Chukwuweike U. Gwam, Jennifer I. Etcheson, Nicole E. George, Nicolas S. Piuzzi, Samuel Rosas, Nipun Sohdi, Assem A. Sultan, Anton Khlopas, Ronald E. Delanois
No association between systemic complement activation and intensive care unit-acquired weakness
Esther Witteveen, Luuk Wieske, Friso M. de Beer, Nicole P. Juffermans, Camiel Verhamme, Marcus J. Schultz, Ivo N. van Schaik, Janneke Horn, on behalf of the BASIC study group

Case Report

Teeth infection may “shunt” through Fontan in high-altitude conditions
Juan D. Cano Sierra, Camilo F. Mestra, Juan C. Gelvez Nieto, Miguel Ronderos Dumit, Alberto García-Torres

Big-data Clinical Trial Column

Exploring heterogeneity in clinical trials with latent class analysis
Zhongheng Zhang, Abdallah Abarda, Ateka A. Contractor, Juan Wang, C. Mitchell Dayton
Estimate risk difference and number needed to treat in survival analysis
Zhongheng Zhang, Federico Ambrogi, Alex F. Bokov, Hongqiu Gu, Edwin de Beurs, Khaled Eskaf
Time-varying covariates and coefficients in Cox regression models
Zhongheng Zhang, Jaakko Reinikainen, Kazeem Adedayo Adeleke, Marcel E. Pieterse, Catharina G. M. Groothuis-Oudshoorn
Subgroup identification in clinical trials: an overview of available methods and their implementations with R
Zhongheng Zhang, Heidi Seibold, Mario V. Vettore, Woo-Jung Song, Vieille François

Editorial of Column in Hypertension

Antihypertensive drug therapy
Wilbert S. Aronow


A critical electrocardiographic pattern in the age of cardiac biomarkers
Eduardo Matos Vilela, Francisco Sampaio, Tiago Dias, Ana Raquel Barbosa, João Primo, Daniel Caeiro, Marlene Fonseca, Vasco Gama Ribeiro

Letter to the Editor

Histological examination of post-mortem brains of children with nodding syndrome
An Hotterbeekx, Sylvester Onzivua, Sonia Menon, Robert Colebunders
Primary melanoma of the testis: myth
Francesco Fortarezza, Senia Maria Rosaria Trabucco, Annunziata De Luisi, Nicoletta Resta, Antonia Cimmino, Andrea Marzullo, Marco Moschetta, Teresa Lettini, Gabriella Serio
Incorrect cell line validation and verification
Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva