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Claude Guérin


Secondary analysis of electronic health records in critical care medicine
Sven Van Poucke, Alberto Alexander Gayle, Milan Vukicevic
Favorable outcomes for female patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement?
Masahiko Asami
The gender paradox in TAVR
Anat Berkovitch, Israel M. Barbash
Lessons from the arterial revascularization trial
Hugh S. Paterson, Paul G. Bannon
A sweet decision: treatment of stable coronary artery disease in patients with diabetes mellitus
Christoph Sinning, Dirk Westermann
Is it time to get some SHUT-i?
Jason G. Ellis, Julie Seed, Celyne H. Bastien, Michael A. Grandner
CBT-I and the short sleep duration insomnia phenotype: a comment on Bathgate, Edinger and Krystal
Celyne H. Bastien, Jason G. Ellis, Michael Grandner
Classification criteria in Sjögren’s syndrome
Chiara Baldini, Francesco Ferro, Stefano Bombardieri
Evolving treatment options for valve and aortic disease with bicuspid aortic valve
Nicholas S. Burris, Michael D. Hope
Another passenger for the TAVR speeding train
Chiara Fraccaro,, Daisuke Ueshima,, Giuseppe Tarantini
To repair or to replace: four decades in the making
Patpilai Kasinpila, Y. Joseph Woo
Ethical challenges and terminal deactivation of left ventricular assist device
Tony Makdisi, George Makdisi
Sex differences in outcomes with transcatheter aortic valve replacement
Feng Qian, Edward L. Hannan
Searching for the perfect lymphadenectomy
Federico Venuta, Daniele Diso, Erino A. Rendina, Marco Anile
Positron emission tomography imaging in diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma
Norbert Galldiks, Carina Stegmayr, Antje Willuweit, Karl-Josef Langen
Radial artery and right internal thoracic artery: jousting for the throne of coronary artery bypass grafting
Massimo Baudo, Mario Gaudino
Exosomes may play a crucial role in HIV dendritic cell immunotherapy
Benjamin Wolfson, Justine E. Yu, Qun Zhou
Transcatheter mitral valve replacement: still a long way to go!
Thierry Carrel
Shared decision making in the treatment of stage I non small cell lung cancer—a choice which should equally involve both sides
Aurel Ottlakan, Jozsef Furak, Gaetano Rocco
Drug-induced causes of secondary hypertension
Wilbert S. Aronow
Lung cancer prognosis: can histological patterns and morphological features have a role in the management of lung cancer patients?
Silvia Rinaldi, Rossana Berardi
Population health’s unanimity on lung cancer screening: far ahead of medical advice
Bruce Pyenson, Claudia I. Henschke, David F. Yankelevitz
Hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy
Wilbert S. Aronow


The subtypes of microscopic colitis from a pathologist’s perspective: past, present and future
Peter Johan Heiberg Engel, Anne-Marie Kanstrup Fiehn, Lars Kristian Munck, Martin Kristensson


Integrative research agenda for diagnosis in sepsis
Katie Nolan, Ruth O’Leary, Lieuwe Bos, Ignacio Martin-Loeches

Review Article

Microscopic colitis—microbiome, barrier function and associated diseases
Saskia van Hemert, Karolina Skonieczna-Żydecka, Igor Loniewski, Piotr Szredzki, Wojciech Marlicz
Thoracic perforations—surgical techniques
Atilla Eroglu, Yener Aydin, Omer Yilmaz
What are the ethical aspects surrounding the collegial decisional process in limiting and withdrawing treatment in intensive care?
Jean-Pierre Quenot, Fiona Ecarnot, Nicolas Meunier-Beillard, Auguste Dargent, Audrey Large, Pascal Andreu, Jean-Philippe Rigaud
A few realistic questions raised by organ retrieval in the intensive care unit
Olivier Lesieur, Liliane Genteuil, Maxime Leloup
Ablation of long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation
Behram P. Mody, Anoshia Raza, Jason Jacobson, Sei Iwai, Daniel Frenkel, Rhadames Rojas, Wilbert S. Aronow
Ethical challenges involved in obtaining consent for research from patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit
Fiona Ecarnot, Jean-Pierre Quenot, Guillaume Besch, Gaël Piton
What are the ethical issues in relation to the role of the family in intensive care?
Jean-Pierre Quenot, Fiona Ecarnot, Nicolas Meunier-Beillard, Auguste Dargent, Audrey Large, Pascal Andreu, Jean-Philippe Rigaud
A critical reappraisal of the treatment modalities of normal appearing thoracic aorta mural thrombi
Georgios Karaolanis, Demetrios Moris, Chris Bakoyiannis, Diamantis I. Tsilimigras, Viktoria-Varvara Palla, Eleftherios Spartalis, Dimitrios Schizas, Sotirios Georgopoulos
The role of reactive oxygen species in myocardial redox signaling and regulation
Demetrios Moris, Michael Spartalis, Eleni Tzatzaki, Eleftherios Spartalis, Georgia-Sofia Karachaliou, Andreas S. Triantafyllis, Georgios I. Karaolanis, Diamantis I. Tsilimigras, Stamatios Theocharis
Establishing an evaluation mode with multiple primary outcomes based on combination of diseases and symptoms in TCM clinical trials
Jing Hu, Shuo Liu, Weihong Liu, Huina Zhang, Jing Chen, Hongcai Shang
Molecular mechanisms of programmed cell death-1 dependent T cell suppression: relevance for immunotherapy
Miren Zuazo, Maria Gato-Cañas, Noelia Llorente, María Ibañez-Vea, Hugo Arasanz, Grazyna Kochan, David Escors
Predictors of treatment failure and clinical stability in patients with community acquired pneumonia
Deirdre Morley, Antoni Torres, Catia Cillóniz, Ignacio Martin-Loeches
Overcoming resistance to BRAF inhibitors
Imanol Arozarena, Claudia Wellbrock
Prone positioning acute respiratory distress syndrome patients
Claude Guérin
Spontaneous breathing: a double-edged sword to handle with care
Tommaso Mauri, Barbara Cambiaghi, Elena Spinelli, Thomas Langer, Giacomo Grasselli
High-flow nasal oxygen therapy and noninvasive ventilation in the management of acute hypoxemic respiratory failure
Jean-Pierre Frat, Rémi Coudroy, Nicolas Marjanovic, Arnaud W. Thille
Extracorporeal techniques in acute respiratory distress syndrome
Madhavi Parekh, Darryl Abrams,, Daniel Brodie
Right heart function during acute respiratory distress syndrome
Xavier Repessé, Antoine Vieillard-Baron
Positive end-expiratory pressure: how to set it at the individual level
Luciano Gattinoni, Francesca Collino, Giorgia Maiolo, Francesca Rapetti, Federica Romitti, Tommaso Tonetti, Francesco Vasques, Michael Quintel
Peculiarities of intra-thoracic colon interposition—eso-coloplasty: indications, surgical management and outcomes
Lucile Gust, Henri De Lesquen, Ilies Bouabdallah, Geoffrey Brioude, Pascal-Alexandre Thomas, Xavier-Benoit D’journo
Is “symmetric” gap balancing still the gold standard in primary total knee arthroplasty?
Salvatore Risitano, Pier Francesco Indelli
Measuring myokines with cardiovascular functions: pre-analytical variables affecting the analytical output
Giovanni Lombardi, Veronica Sansoni, Giuseppe Banfi

Original Article

Diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary cavity after liver transplantation
Yongxiang Xia, Haoming Zhou, Feipeng Zhu, Wei Zhang, Chen Wu, Ling Lu
Correlation between electrocardiographic changes and coronary findings in patients with acute myocardial infarction and single-vessel disease
Abdallah Sanaani, Srikanth Yandrapalli, George Jolly, Rajiv Paudel, Howard A. Cooper, Wilbert S Aronow
Scientist impact factor (SIF): a new metric for improving scientists’ evaluation?
Giuseppe Lippi, Camilla Mattiuzzi
Impact of diverticular inflammation and complication assessment classification on the burden of medical therapies in preventing diverticular disease complications in Italy
Antonio Tursi, Walter Elisei, Marcello Marcello, Gabriella Nasi, Angela Maria Mastromatteo, Francesco Di Mario, Enrico Di Rosa, Maria Alessandra Brandimarte, Giovanni Brandimarte
Incidence of postoperative delirium in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty—an Asian perspective
Juncheng Huang, Hamid Rahmatullah Bin Abd Razak, Seng Jin Yeo
Direct oral anticoagulants: analysis of worldwide use and popularity using Google Trends
Giuseppe Lippi, Camilla Mattiuzzi, Gianfranco Cervellin, Emmanuel J. Favaloro
Etiology of intracranial stenosis in young patients: a highresolution magnetic resonance imaging study
Yu-Yuan Xu, Ming-Li Li, Shan Gao, Zheng-Yu Jin, Zhao-Yong Sun, Jie Chen, Bo Hou, Hai-Long Zhou, Feng Feng, Wei-Hai Xu
Preoperative surgical rehearsal using cadaveric fresh tissue surgical simulation increases resident operative confidence
Erin L. Weber, Hyuma A. Leland, Beina Azadgoli, Michael Minneti, Joseph N. Carey
Obesity is associated with poorer range of motion and Tegner scores following hamstring autograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in Asians
Hamid Rahmatullah Bin Abd Razak, Hwei-Chi Chong, Hwee-Chye Andrew Tan

Case Report

Cystic adventitial disease—case series and review of literature
Shuo Li, Brian N. King, Noel Velasco, Yogesh Kumar, Nishant Gupta
Pulmonary tuberculous and tuberculous pericardial tamponade post lung transplant
George Makdisi, Robert Hooker, Christiano Caldeira
Single-incision video-assisted thoracoscopic evaluation and emergent surgery for severe lung and chest wall injury after thoracic trauma in a water park
Julio Sesma, Melodie Alvarez, Francisco Lirio, Carlos Galvez, Maria Galiana, Benno Baschwitz, Francisca Fornes, Sergio Bolufer
Is idiopathic granulomatous mastitis a surgical disease? The jury is still out
Demetrios Moris, Christos Damaskos, Spyridon Davakis, Michail Vailas, Nikolaos Garmpis, Eleftherios Spartalis, Michael Kontos, Konstantinos Kontzoglou
A case of pulmonary arteriovenous malformation: role of interventional radiology in diagnosis and treatment
Pranav Sharma, Puneet Kochar, Salil Sharma, Nishant Gupta, Shuo Li, Kusum Hooda, Yogesh Kumar
Unusual case of spindle cell sarcoma metastases to right ventricle: a case report and a literature review
Rezarta Frakulli, Silvia Cammelli, Fabrizio Salvi, Damiano Balestrini, Antonella Baldissera, Claudio Degli Esposti, Ombretta Martelli, Massimo Abate, Anna Piaoli, Stefano Ferrari, Alessio G. Morganti, Giovanni Piero Frezza

Letter to the Editor

Markers of increased risk in primary mitral regurgitation
Amgad Mentias, Milind Y. Desai
Refugee crisis in Greece: the forthcoming higher education challenge
Demetrios Moris, Evika Karamagioli, Michael Kontos, Antonios Athanasiou, Emmanouil Pikoulis
Refugee crisis in Greece: The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens paves the way to meet the challenge
Demetrios Moris, Evika Karamagioli, Ioannis Karavokyros, Anastasios Angelou, Emmanouil Pikoulis
Low levels of interleukin-10 in patients with transfusion-related acute lung injury
Rick Kapur, Michael Kim, Johan Rebetz, Matthew T. Rondina, Leendert Porcelijn, John W. Semple
Preoperative glycated hemoglobin and coronary surgery: need for different cut-offs for a continuous variable
Giuseppe Gatti, Fausto Biancari, Giuseppe Santarpino