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Hyperphosphatemia: a novel risk factor for mortality in chronic kidney disease
Mario Cozzolino, Paola Ciceri, Andrea Galassi
Do natural antibodies have a detrimental effect after kidney transplantation?
Arnaud Del Bello, Nassim Kamar
Genetic mitochondrial glycine amidinotransferase protein aggregate formation triggers microparticle sensing and kidney failure
Shrikant R. Mulay, Hans-Joachim Anders
Heart-lung interactions, a long story with many pioneers
Didier Payen
Residual kidney function in twice-weekly hemodialysis: irreplaceable contribution to dialysis adequacy
Yu-Ji Lee, Connie M. Rhee, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh
Recombinant poliovirus for cancer immunotherapy
Millena Prata Jammal, Márcia Antoniazi Michelin, Rosekeila Simões Nomelini, Eddie Fernando Candido Murta
Does the change of hypertension guidelines actually affect our reality?
Marijana Tadic, Cesare Cuspidi
Relationship between microaspiration of gastric contents and ventilator-associated pneumonia
Anahita Rouzé, Emmanuelle Jaillette, Saad Nseir
Where does polycystic ovary syndrome come from?
Roy Homburg
Acidosis and citrate: provocative interactions
Kathleen S. Hering-Smith, L. Lee Hamm
Protecting functional β cells with a therapeutic peptide
Meghan L. Marré, Jon D. Piganelli, Eddie A. James
The link between antibiotic exposure and kidney stone disease
Kymora Scotland, Dirk Lange
Cost-effectiveness of model-based eligibility for lung cancer screening in the routine clinical practice
Salvatore Intagliata, Elisa Roca, Deborah Cosentini, Alfredo Berruti


Should we titrate mechanical ventilation based on driving pressure?—yes
Carmen Silvia Valente Barbas, Roberta Fittipaldi Palazzo
Should we titrate peep based on end-expiratory transpulmonary pressure?—yes
Elias Baedorf Kassis, Stephen H. Loring, Daniel Talmor
Can we estimate transpulmonary pressure without an esophageal balloon?—yes
Ola Stenqvist, Per Persson, Stefan Lundin

Review Article

Physiology-guided management of hemodynamics in acute respiratory distress syndrome
Gustavo A. Cortes-Puentes, Richard A. Oeckler, John J. Marini
Heart-lung interactions during mechanical ventilation: the basics
Syed S. Mahmood, Michael R. Pinsky
Non-invasive ventilation in cardiogenic pulmonary edema
Giuseppe Bello, Paolo De Santis, Massimo Antonelli
Prediction of fluid responsiveness in ventilated patients
Mathieu Jozwiak, Xavier Monnet, Jean-Louis Teboul
Value of measuring esophageal pressure to evaluate heart-lung interactions—applications for invasive hemodynamic monitoring
Xavier Repessé, Antoine Vieillard-Baron, Guillaume Geri
Interpretation of the transpulmonary pressure in the critically ill patient
Michele Umbrello, Davide Chiumello
Determinants of systemic venous return and the impact of positive pressure ventilation
David Berger, Jukka Takala
Effects of patient positioning on respiratory mechanics in mechanically ventilated ICU patients
Mehdi Mezidi, Claude Guérin
Assessing breathing effort in mechanical ventilation: physiology and clinical implications
Heder de Vries, Annemijn Jonkman, Zhong-Hua Shi, Angélique Spoelstra-de Man, Leo Heunks
Mechanical ventilation management during cardiothoracic surgery: an open challenge
Elena Bignami, Francesco Saglietti, Antonio Di Lullo
Cardiovascular failure and weaning
Philippe Vignon
The basics of respiratory mechanics: ventilator-derived parameters
Pedro Leme Silva, Patricia R. M. Rocco
Heart-Lung interaction in spontaneous breathing subjects: the basics
Sheldon Magder
Role of PET imaging for biochemical recurrence following primary treatment for prostate cancer
Samuel J. Galgano, Roberto Valentin, Jonathan McConathy
Ventilator-induced lung injury and lung mechanics
Jason H. T. Bates, Bradford J. Smith
Molecular basis of cystic fibrosis: from bench to bedside
Maria Cristina Dechecchi, Anna Tamanini, Giulio Cabrini
Sclerosing mesenteritis: a comprehensive clinical review
Michael S. Green, Rajiv Chhabra, Hemant Goyal
Sleep-disordered breathing in paediatric setting: existing and upcoming of the genetic disorders
Marco Zaffanello, Franco Antoniazzi, Laura Tenero, Luana Nosetti, Michele Piazza, Giorgio Piacentini
Biochemical markers of acute intestinal ischemia: possibilities and limitations
Martina Montagnana, Elisa Danese, Giuseppe Lippi
Current and future roles of mucins in cholangiocarcinoma—recent evidences for a possible interplay with bile acids
Elisa Danese, Andrea Ruzzenente, Martina Montagnana, Patricia Marie-Jeanne Lievens
Old and new insights into the diagnosis of hereditary spherocytosis
Olga Ciepiela
Diagnostic insights into chronic-inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathies
Johannes J. Roggenbuck, Joseph Boucraut, Emilien Delmont, Karsten Conrad, Dirk Roggenbuck
Beyond conventional secondary prevention in coronary artery disease—what to choose in the era of CANTOS, COMPASS, FOURIER, ODYSSEY and PEGASUS-TIMI 54? A review on contemporary literature
Daniel Kalbacher, Christoph Waldeyer, Stefan Blankenberg, Dirk Westermann

Original Article

Boiling and roasting treatment affecting the peanut allergenicity
Tong Zhang, Yunfeng Shi, Yanqing Zhao, Guowei Tang, Bing Niu, Qin Chen
Determining association of rho kinase 1 gene polymorphisms with risk of Alzheimer’s disease: a multicenter pilot study
Ying Gao, Xia Li, Xiao-Hong Liu, Qian-Hua Zhao, Xiang-Qian Che, Qi-Hao Guo, Ru-Jing Ren, Gang Wang
Transcriptomic depression of immunological synapse as a signature of ventilator-associated pneumonia
Raquel Almansa, Leonor Nogales, Marta Martín-Fernández, Montse Batlle, Esther Villareal, Lucia Rico, Alicia Ortega, Guillermo López-Campos, David Andaluz-Ojeda, Paula Ramírez, Lorenzo Socias, Luis Tamayo, Jordi Vallés, Jesús F. Bermejo-Martín, Ignacio Martín-Loeches
Overview the effect of statin therapy on dementia risk, cognitive changes and its pathologic change: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Xi-Chen Zhu, Wen-Zhuo Dai, Tao Ma
Long-term effects of acupuncture for chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome: systematic review and single-arm meta-analyses
Zongshi Qin, Jiani Wu, Chang Xu, Xiaopu Sang, Xiao Li, Guangrui Huang, Zhishun Liu
Deep neural networks could differentiate Bethesda class III versus class IV/V/VI
Yi Zhu, Qiang Sang, Shijun Jia, Ying Wang, Timothy Deyer
Readmissions in adult patients following hospitalization for influenza: a nationwide cohort study
Srikanth Yandrapalli, Wilbert S. Aronow, William H. Frishman
ABCA7 genotype altered Aβ levels in cerebrospinal fluid in Alzheimer’s disease without dementia
Fang-Chen Ma, Yu Zong, Hui-Fu Wang, Jie-Qiong Li, Xi-Peng Cao, Lan Tan, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative