Vol 5, No 22 (November 2017): Annals of Translational Medicine (Focus on “Critical Care”)

Review Article

Predictors of treatment failure and clinical stability in patients with community acquired pneumonia
Deirdre Morley, Antoni Torres, Catia Cillóniz, Ignacio Martin-Loeches
Nebulized anticoagulants in lung injury in critically ill patients—an updated systematic review of preclinical and clinical studies
Jenny Juschten, Pieter R. Tuinman, Nicole P. Juffermans, Barry Dixon, Marcel Levi, Marcus J. Schultz
Airway microbiome research: a modern perspective on surveillance cultures?
Damien Roux, Pouline M. van Oort, Jean-Damien Ricard, Lieuwe D. J. Bos
Cell therapy for the treatment of sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome
Raquel Guillamat-Prats, Marta Camprubí-Rimblas, Josep Bringué, Neus Tantinyà, Antonio Artigas
Defects in innate and adaptive immunity in patients with sepsis and health care associated infection
Thomas Ryan, John D. Coakley, Ignacio Martin Loeches
Nebulised antibiotherapy: conventional versus nanotechnologybased approaches, is targeting at a nano scale a difficult subject?
Esther de Pablo, Raquel Fernández-García, María Paloma Ballesteros, Juan José Torrado, Dolores R. Serrano
Platelets: an outlook from biology through evidence-based achievements in critical care
Rubens C. Costa-Filho, Fernando A. Bozza
Antibiotic consumption and ventilator-associated pneumonia rates, some parallelism but some discrepancies
David Nora, Pedro Póvoa
The next generation of rapid point-of-care testing identification tools for ventilator-associated pneumonia
Guillaume Millot, Benoit Voisin, Caroline Loiez, Frédéric Wallet, Saad Nseir
Does animal model on ventilator-associated pneumonia reflect physiopathology of sepsis mechanisms in humans?
Laura Pulido, Diego Burgos, Joaquín García Morato, Carlos M. Luna
Relationship between hyperoxemia and ventilator associated pneumonia
Karim Jaffal, Sophie Six, Farid Zerimech, Saad Nseir


Integrative research agenda for diagnosis in sepsis
Katie Nolan, Ruth O’Leary, Lieuwe Bos, Ignacio Martin-Loeches