Vol 4, No 23 (December 2016): Annals of Translational Medicine (Focus on: “Innovations & Technology in Surgery”)

Review Article on Innovations and Technology in Surgery

Laser applications in surgery
Beina Azadgoli, Regina Y. Baker
Innovations in surgery simulation: a review of past, current and future techniques
Ido Badash, Karen Burtt, Carlos A. Solorzano, Joseph N. Carey
Augmented and virtual reality in surgery—the digital surgical environment: applications, limitations and legal pitfalls
Khor Wee Sim, Benjamin Baker, Kavit Amin, Adrian Chan, Ketan Patel, Jason Wong
Emerging trends in social media and plastic surgery
Daniel J. Gould, Hyuma A. Leland, Adelyn L. Ho, Ketan M. Patel
Surgical applications of three-dimensional printing: a review of the current literature & how to get started
Don Hoang, David Perrault, Milan Stevanovic, Alidad Ghiassi
An update and review of cell-based wound dressings and their integration into clinical practice
Austin Pourmoussa, Daniel J. Gardner, Maxwell B. Johnson, Alex K. Wong

Review Article

Pancreatic cancer: from bench to bedside
Yaokai Ma, Qing Wu, Xin Li, Xiaoqiang Gu, Jiahua Xu, Jinzu Yang

Case Report

Clinical characteristics and molecular pathology of skull ectopic thyroid cancer
Longxing Cao, Zhongyong Wang, Jiawei Ma, Jinsheng Chen, Haojiang Zhu, Xiaohua Zhou, Qing Zhu, Jun Dong, Qing Lan, Qiang Huang
A rare case of a blood clot masquerading as a retained surgical drain
Sean WL Ho, Ivan TH Chua


The SAMUKeppra study in prehospital status epilepticus: lessons for future study
Andrew C. Schomer, Jaideep Kapur
RNAs that make a heart beat
Mithun Mitra, Hilary A. Coller
The necessity to restore the anatomic hip centre in congenital hip disease
George A. Macheras, Panagiotis Lepetsos, Panagiotis P. Anastasopoulos, Spyridon P. Galanakos