Report on the 7th H-CEO Annual Conference in China
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Report on the 7th H-CEO Annual Conference in China

Elva S. Zheng

Editorial Office of Annals of Translational Medicine, Guangzhou, 510220, China

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Submitted Dec 26, 2013. Accepted for publication Jan 20, 2014.

doi: 10.3978/j.issn.2305-5839.2014.04.01

The 7th H-CEO Annual Conference in China was officially initiated in Guangzhou from November 15th to 17th, 2013. Hosted by the periodical office of China Hospital CEO, and co-hosted by the Hospital Association of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, the annual conference focused on the theme—the sustainable innovation and mutual development. There were more than 40 sub-forums, roundtable discussions and salons, and over 200 administration officials, CEOs of famous tertiary Grade 3A hospital, and management experts were invited to make speeches. More than 3,000 senior managers of hospitals got together in Guangzhou again, talking freely about the progress of health care reformation and the medical industry, sharing the way of managements respectively.

Before the annual conference, Mr. Wannian Liang, master of the department of structural reform in the National Health and Family Planning Council, had pointed out that this annual conference would create a platform for drawing on wisdom of the masses and offering suggestions and advice, and would be considered as a powerful sound came out of medical field towards the development of medical industry. He expressed that the promotion of health care reformation depends on appropriate process and approaches, and standards and goals should be formulated to deepen the hospital administration. Contemporarily, the following changes should be made to fulfill the health care reformation: from laying foundations to improving qualities for medical development; from the formation of the framework to system constructions; from experimental units to comprehensive promotions. Moreover, the administration officials should dedicate themselves to the construction of the governance structure and check-up system, improvement of productivity and resource utility rate, as well as the formation of brand advantage and substantial competitiveness with the intention of improving the hospital management. Medical staffs are appealed to take fully advantage of this opportunity, studying and reflecting on those problems: in the first place, they have to cherish and depend on the enabling environment of social economics from the perspective of universal health care, and highlight the status and impacts of health and family planning. In the second place, by deepening the understanding of health care reformation and advanced management, solid foundations should be laid then. Finally all the staffs would hold a sincere attitude towards health care reformation and research on all the problems, together with adequate communications and dialogues. In order to break through in some respects, people are required to have clear judgment and cognition.

In the press conference held in November 15, 2013, it was pointed out that the 7th annual conference was coincided with the crucial year of the reformation and function adjustment of China’s medical and health management institutions. In addition, the new health care reformation encountered with significant changes from experimental units to general promotions. The newly established National Health and Family Planning Council is now responding to people’s expectations with a high profile. To adapt themselves to the turns of external environment, medical institutions in China are now striving for the improvement in management and service.

Highlights in the 7th H-CEO Conference in China were sparkling. The theme profoundly reflected the medicine reformation situation in China, clearly pointed out the new direction and trend of health policy. Taking a unique and important role in the annual conference, the opening ceremony was more like a “spirit feast” rather than a traditional dinner banquet. Mr. Yihu Hu, the famous emcee of Phoenix TV, had a elite talk with Mr. Liang Wannian (master of the National Health and Family Planning Council performing the system reformation), Mr. Laiying Fang (director of Beijing Sanitary Bureau), Brad Cable (vice president of Accenture in the Asia-pacific area), Ted Tokuchi (general manager of the Citic Securities International Company Limited), as well as many hospital CEOs of major public hospitals. They deeply discussed the prospect and value of healthcare industry, focused on the key words “big data”, “integrity” and “value”. Further, acting as a platform for participators to gain more mutual communication, the conference presented innovation and practice throughout. More than 40 forums, roundtable discussions, salons were held. The topics involved into the current hot issues of health care reformation and development, including physician’s rights protecting, medical treatment combination, social capital and medical tourism. People with different backgrounds were invited to participate in the health care reformation debate, embracing government officials, hospital CEOs, doctors, experts and media persons etc. They sharply convey their attitudes toward medical multi-sited license, and rationally analyzed and explained. In addition, the conference contents followed previous style, mainly based on “special cases” to analyze the advanced health care reformation practice and successful medical management in the local government sectors and medical establishments. Base on the previous annual meeting with participants’ popular appraise held by West China Hospital Special, Sichuan University, this year several special performances were held, respectively by Chinese PLA General Clinic, People’s Hospital of Peking University, the Affiliated Gulou Hospital of Nanjing University and West China Hospital of Sichuan University. Each one presented its own management style and special features. Representatives from Cleveland Clinic, ranked fourth in America, shared their discipline management experience on the American best hospital management and clinical center construction sub-forum.

On the afternoon of November 17th, as the annual healthcare industry event-the 7th H-CEO Conference in China ended successfully (Figure 1). This academic event is well-known for its world-wide vision, prospective topics, sharp opinions and ample interactions.

Figure 1 Closing ceremony of the H-CEO Annual Conference.


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