Mitochondria: the panacea to improve oocyte quality?

Lingbin Qi, Xian Chen, Jian Wang, Bo Lv, Junhui Zhang, Bin Ni, Zhigang Xue


Oocyte quality is one of the most important factors involving in female reproduction. The number of compromised oocytes will increase with maternal age, while mitochondrial dysfunction has implicated in age-related poor oocyte. Together with the successful application of ooplasmic transfer (OT) and the critical role of mitochondria in the oocyte, functional mitochondria transfer may be a feasible strategy to improve oocyte quality. However, limitation on ethics and laws are strictly and optimal condition or methods to exert transferring need to be further explored. Therefore, the role of oocyte mitochondria and the effective molecular involving in oocyte quality will be hot topics in next few years. In this review, we summarize the potential mechanism of mitochondria in oocyte and embryo development and discuss the next step for mitochondrial transfer therapy.