miR-1245a promotes the proliferation and invasion of colon adenocarcinoma by targeting BRCA2

Zihao Pan, Wenchang Gan, Caiqian Liang, Yuanxun Xiao, Yu Zhang, Weisheng Yang, Zehui Hou, Shuang Chen, Bing Zeng, Yingru Li


Background: Colon adenocarcinoma (CA) is the most common one with poor survival in colon cancer. This study aims to investigate the effect of miR-1245a on the process of CA cells and its target gene BRCA2.
Methods: The expression of CA tissues and cells were evaluated by q RT-PCR. Then we explore the association between expression of miR-1245a and prognosis in the CA patients from the TCGA database. CCK8 assays, colony formation assays were performed to explore the effect of miR-1245a in CA cell proliferation. The invasion ability of CA cells was evaluated by Transwell assays. Western blot was performed to assess the BRCA2 expression. Luciferase reporter assay was employed to scrutinize the relationship between miR-1245a and BRCA2. Finally, rescue experiments were performed through BRCA2 downregulation and miR-1245a inhibitors by using colony formation assay and Transwell invasion assay.
Results: miR-1245a is upregulated in CA cells and tissues. Additionally, the high expression of miR-1245a was related to poor survival. CCK8 assays, colony formation assays and Transwell assays showed that miR-1245a promotes the proliferation and invasion of CA cells. The luciferase reporter assay indicated that miR-1245a targeted BRCA2 and inhibited its expression. The rescue experiment further showed that miR-1245a could restore the effect of BRCA2 on CA.
Conclusions: miR-1245a promotes the proliferation and invasion of CA by targeting BRCA2.Our results suggested that miR-1245a could be a potential biomarker for CA progression.