CMTTdb: the cancer molecular targeted therapy database

Xue Bai, Xiaobo Yang, Liangcai Wu, Bangyou Zuo, Jianzhen Lin, Shanshan Wang, Jin Bian, Xinting Sang, Yungang He, Zhen Yang, Haitao Zhao


Background: The cancer molecular targeted therapy has achieved unprecedented progress in the past decade and is thought to be the most promising direction for cancer treatment in future. As the fast growing of the clinical trials of targeted anticancer agents for different cancer types, it is critical to collect and integrate such information to guide clinical practice.
Methods: We constructed the Cancer Molecular Targeted Therapy database (CMTTdb) to store and retrieve molecular targeted therapy data about randomized clinical trials (RCTs) of targeted agents and also accompanied targets, biomarkers, targeted cancer subtypes, etc.
Results: Different with some existing resources, CMTTdb particularly focuses on clinical application of the trails. Design of the trails, such as treatment modalities (monotherapy or combination with other therapies), as well as results on clinical efficacy parameters, adverse events are also collected. In this current version, CMTTdb contains data for 1,088 clinical trials which cover 165 agents, 80 targets, 15 cancer types (95 molecular subtypes and 56 histological or cytological subtypes) from public literatures. This database is freely available at A user-friendly web interface was designed so that these data can be easily retrieved.
Conclusions: CMTTdb will be a valuable source for providing access to information of clinical trials on the rapidly growing number of novel targeted agent and be useful in guiding oncologists for the optimization of the therapy strategy for cancer treatment.